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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Day 737 - Who's Responsible When Somebody You Know Dies?

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This is a topic that doesn't really get all that much's like it's just something that is dealt with after the fact. Yes there are precursors you can take to prepare your estate/affairs for one you are dead...but ultimately somebody close to you has got a bunch of labor to do....and maybe...just maybe is on the hook for settling your debts.

There's a really cool blog that talks about the meticulous preparations a father took for his son. I suggest checking out this blog here.

Now there is other points i want to share with you that a friend brought up in regards to this topic:

"The fear of death is so strong that even those who have gone through the ordeal of dealing with someone's remaining affairs can easily turn around and leave behind the same mess for their next of kin. 

You can ask yourself if someone in your family dies today and you are the sole person to deal with it, would you know what do do? How would you go about it? Do you know what documents you need when someone dies, how to register a death? If the deceased leaves property behind - are you aware of the taxation, paying bills etc? What if there is no liquid money - are you able to pay for any expenses? Even paying for the funeral arrangements can cost in the thousands. What about others in the family, consider family feuds that ensue when someone dies and there is no will, or secrets that suddenly see the light of day... 

So what is the solution? How can we take responsibility for life after our death - by planning for it? - by making it an educational item? What are practical steps? Let's open this point up and come up with solutions."

Interesting topic isn't it?

Some questions come to mind:

Would this really be a big deal if the way our society was structured wasn't built around a lack of money. Like, for example would it be a big deal if lets say everybody was born with a bank account that would last a lifetime and that at death the account along with the person simply ceases to exist. There is no carry over. So in this regard nobody is going to profit off another person's death. Because if we have a look...there is much expense attached to sorting out somebody's death. What comes to mind specifically is the taxation...and the legalities around Law where typically a lawyer is required to substantiate the legality/legitimacy of things...and if you looked at the above link i posted...the lawyer fees can be quite extensive...and really do things have to be somewhat complicated.

Obviously the way money and law exists is entirely interwoven within the checks and balances of dealing with somebody's death....specifically if you are the appointed family member or you are the closest too them kind of thing...and there's a family connection and no other family exists. I mean here...there can be really shitty situations where, for instance...even though you did not even associate with this particular family member and you are the only two related family members left and person A dies...and they have a mountain of debt....Guess where the liability is directed? Isn't that kind of ridiculous?

Though, if we look closely at the specifics of dealing with someone's death...we get a closer look at the ridiculousness of the way our economic and legal system function.

I think if we developed a monetary system where there was a regard and consideration for all Life here.,..we would have laws that support the facilitation of such points.

In a way the way our human behavior exists is rooted in and around our relationships with money, It's  kind of like a behavior regulation because Money is attached to our ability to survive here...and the interesting thing about this is that we created a competition about who get;s to survive....which if we really think about quite dumb. Now, it is popular to make sense out of nonsense when it comes to the economics and the laws of our society...where we justify the absurd ridiculousness of like saying things like, "this is just the way things are".

The point of compassionate care comes to mind. If there was a real regard within society...there would be tremendous support for the assistance to those who have lost a love one.  I mean...think of the possibilities if we all agreed on supporting the best support?  It seems like a far out of this world concept...doesn't it? Which is quite telling of the times we live in....isn't it?

Imagine there was a whole team of people who are staffed to assist and support a smooth moving along of being available as support for all people who have lost someone who is very dear to them.  In thinking about comes to mind that we low ball the greatness like we cut corners on how great things could be within mind set mentalities of like, "good enough"....when in reality the perceive "good enough" is not what you would really want for yourself...but deem it acceptable for somebody who you regard as less than yourself...and see it as "good enough".

This is quite the topic really....because it gets us to look at also the housing and the possession of the person who died....some people will have lots of stuff....others nothing at all....I mean if we think about the various people who die...and we look at how there is a dissonance in life regard from the perspective of comparing how well different individuals survived like how much money did the's brings the question to mind as like "why do we accept and allow ourselves to function in this survival mentality frame of mind?"

I see the potential for a great future where the movement of humanity shifts from that of disregard to that of regard...and self-expression instead of self-suppression as a result of coping in the survival mentality frame of mind. The easiest way to bring about great change in this regard is through the democratic process....where there is a shift in what we accept and allow as valid here. We re-write the law and economics of the world. We change the game essentially as the operating procedures and capacity of human life here. Which if we really look at the lack of regard for human life at the is easy to see how there is much room for great improvement to the functionality of Life support and assistance here. 

I implore you to ask questions about the functionality of the various points within our shared existence. To look at the practicality of the way things in fact exist. To learn about the laws and the economics...and the politics...of our world.  The main area of focus in discussion in bringing about the most immediate change that is great for all life here is in establishing economic policy that supports the sustainability of the best qualities of Life for all Life here....a real Equality here in and as the regard for the One Life here we are all within and sharing....because like it or not we are all connected to this world.

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