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Monday, 25 May 2015

Day 742 - Brushing off a Reaction

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Have you ever experienced a moment where you are discussing something with someone and the person you are communicating with gets upset rather abruptly with something you said?

I have.

I have often reacted within myself to such situations as like taking offense as a form of defense within myself towards the other person. And depending on the nature of the relationship with the other person, I would either project my emotional disdain externally back at them as a form of retaliation or I would just kind of swallow it whole within myself and keep the disdain to myself as like my own nuclear a result of fearing to provoke further conversation with a stranger or just out of not wanting to perpetuate bullshit.  Though the interesting thing in both instances is that I didn't really effectively remediate the situation and the situation influenced me in a rather negative i had a stress moment within my body as a reaction and I didn't really do anything with it...other than maybe burying as a suppression mechanism.

Would you like to know a cool way to continue onward with how things were going in communication before the reactionary time bomb went off?

Take no offense or defense.,,,and continue onward with the conversation as to not give added attention to the shit from the perspective of building up a defense/offense within yourself. This is a point that will most likely take practice. What has supported me within this point is practicing real-time forgiveness within myself...where I see the momentary reaction within myself and the desire to be pulled within to it as like a following along within the energetic pull. One is able to become quite effective in actually stopping such points immediately and forgiving oneself for taking offense/defense to such an extent that participating in such an instance is comical from the sense that it is completely ridiculous to accept such acceptances and allowances within oneself.

Now, as you practice/play with this will most likely have some outbursts from time to time...though what is cool here is that you still have the opportunity to catch/hear/here yourself within mid outburst and apply the stopping of the pull energy experience and give yourself a forgiveness gift of removal from obsession/consumption within the point and Now Listen UP...Because Here is where it gets really cool....You can Speak the Solution aloud as the Live Actor/Player Playing/making it up/happen....Where you in the moment take ownership for the situation and speak from a starting point of ease which is the self-trust free from disease...and this is the sound of Freedom is freedom is a sound...Lol. I say this is the sound of Freedom because this is a harmoniously complimentary support for yourself and the Person you are communicating with...Because you are Sounding yourself here within a point of Equality and Oneness which is a remediation and removal from allowing war/conflict to take over and dissipate the relationship flow and continuation.

This approach illustrates a fantastic example within communication where the true Authority Sounds Directs the situation from a sound point of and as Self-Responsibility. What is fascinating about this is that the person you were communicating with who was in a state of disarray will be aided to follow along with your sound as a support and assistance mechanism so that they can be receptive in receive the sound support you are giving as the Sound foundation from and as the Principle "I Live to Give, As What is Best, Always All Way."

See it's interesting here if you examine the development of human communications...we have been so very much accustomed and conditioned to following reactions as like a war of words and so there is often this underlying competition of military power in a way where it's like the biggest reaction/ bomb is the winner....and it's really silly in the most ridiculous ways if you allow yourself to become intimately aware of how you are compelled to be pulled within and as a reactionary experience that comes up within yourself in relationship to another impulsing/influencing...So here to this is to see how Lame this is because it is very much rooted in and as the acceptance and allowance of Blame as like the victim mentality of saying Oh look what they did...what they did to me....which ultimately results in the perpetuation of reaction to a reaction which is like justifying being stupid because they are stupid...which if you think about it is really quite bizarre and dare I say Stupid?

So, remember it is cool ....very address the point of reaction another person faces but...the key within this is to not get hung up on like to then go into reaction yourself and get all high in mighty in and as the point of being a self-righteous asshole...because that just perpetuates bullshit and it's like war of assholes that just results in a lot of unnecessary shitting on one another....which isn't really the most effective way to directly fertilize the initial point of's like too much undigested shit...a verbal diarrhea if you will.

Again, remember that who we are here within this physical word is very much structurally sound...and so our sounds are reflected in and as our words....Our musical notes if you will....See the supporting composition to consider the duet of complimentary sharing's coming together where even if one has a slip....the other is there to catch them as like the aerobics of effectively being able to due the tango...because it takes two to it's an agreement flow yo....don't diss the flow by knocking your partner in communicado by reigning shit fire on them as like some sort of army commando.

See it is funny that we are all it here as how we rather take the care to prepare the best ways to pair that whoever your partner is..meaning person to dance in communication with...whether it's a square or line dance or a prophetic's all about keeping things rudimentary in and as the relationship of angles...meaning to See and understanding that we are working/playing here as complimentary angles as the best support and occasionally we will make a blip...but this is the art of the freestyle where we in the moment, Quantum styles do our individualized self-realized Freestyle that comes as the flows of the fountain we are as the water movement sound structurally sound as our Merry go Round be Here Now...continuous planting and grounding process.  Success is the Process because Pro is in the Success and we Become Professional as we Says is so so says the Process as the Pro says So.

If I lost You in the last paragraph or so,,,Maybe after this paragraph, re-read the previous two paragraphs as like the chorus in the song you are working/playing along as the Pro-fess-I-On-All...Professional Director Here.

Hear Here :)

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