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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Day 738 - Determination

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Determination - "A firmness of Purpose"

Let's play with the word "determination' for a moment here:

Determine a tie to make the terms in at ion.....the terms of term in a shun......determination.....deter mind words in my being...the-words in my life....the meaning i give me....Determination is the terms as the  meaning of words i give myself to live.

The specifics of determination is in and as the precise focus of a firmness....

Determination is the solid commitment one makes to get it done.

Determination is the set of terms one gives as the guideline principles in walking a point/goal into completion.

Determination is a key tool in and as the solidity of creation here because it's the "I got it" point where the I know this kicks in.,.The decision in I am doing this....I am committed to this...I realize that there will be obstacles along the way....But....Is the Determination like using the, Yes I am the Solution and my Determination is in and as the Will of as as my way..a path to work and walk to bring about the way forward solution into and as the harvested fruition.

Determination is taking on a point to make become the life force within and as the Will to Grow/live/ the Making it happen.

Determination: A decision to in-act potential ability as a new becoming responsibility that is developed and fine tuned.

Determination: The I Get it....I got it Done Attitude.

Determination...a self-willed and self-motivated movement that is cultivated through the roots of firmly planted principles.

The point "Determination" comes up within me here this evening as i am looking at my total blog writing's thus far....and I ask myself the question. "is it possible for me to improve upon my output?"

I would like to improve my blogging output. Yes I realize that this is very possible. I see the value in my blogging contributions. I garner specific support with every word i write. I care to share for myself and for others as myself.

I realize and understand the sound foundation that accumulates through the writing process as practical living support. The cultivation of firmly planted principles if you will.  Taking on the 7 year journey to life is a point of dedication. I would like to give myself more from my writing. Meaning greater consistency. I realize that there is many days where my timeline is more packed with things to do than it is other days. I see the point of writing as something that is just so valuable....that even a little bit is better than letting it slide.  I've played this game with myself before where i have looked at this point of writing consistency and wanting better results for myself here. The question is, Have i ever really Dedicated myself to better results? Can i dedicate myself to making a blog writing every day? Can i do this...even if i require to share multiple days writing's at one time as a matter of maximizing my tine efficiency within my days? Can i dedicate myself to finishing out the month with a blog every day? If i can finish out the month with a blog every day...can I go the next month with a blog every day?  If I can do that....can I go the rest of the year without missing a day in my blogging/writing as Process support here? I want this. Right now i am fearing to say, "I got this"...because then I am committed...and if I commit I know i can do it...and that doesn't leave room for me to fail.....which is an interesting thing...because it's like I have grown accustom to failure...and it's like I have taken on the approach of not giving myself as much as I am able out of a point of greed which is rather ironic...because what comes up in the mind is that I giving up excuses/justifications/rational as to logically make sense of non-sense as the how to way to talk myself out of best potential. The word Obligation comes like without committing myself within the "I got it" point...I am free of the Obligation to get it...because it's like saying i don't totally Got it...and so whether I get it or I don;t get it...oh well...maybe...maybe not....a lack of intensity as the firmness of purpose...the narrowness in focus in completing a goal....the art of self-perfection really.

Let's look closer at the creation of "Obligation" within making a "dedication".

What's fascinating about the word "Obligation" is that it is synonymous with Responsibility and Agreement and Commitment....which are all specific points of and as 'a course of action'.

What is also very interesting and fascinating about "Obligation" is the connection to legality or morality.

So what I see here is the practical structuring of and as my Dedication...because within and as my dedication is the Determination....and within my determination is the Law of my being here as my Obligation. Dare i say moral obligation from and as the perspective and realization that the best morals are the one;s within and as the realization and understanding that there is more for all here within and and as the understanding of what's best for all is Moral as More All the essence of momentum in a continuous expansion of greatness in and as Creation Here.

To be Continued

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