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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Day 732 - Movie Review SubUrbia

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A really good movie for young people to watch. It really encourages the point of self-reflection into what one is doing with their life. What kind of potential oneself has...and how if we don't really challenge ourselves to move then we will just go through the movement moments of emotion and remain stuck in the same dead end until we die.

The movie showcased different character dynamics amongst young people and also the fact that immigrants to the western world are the ones often getting their shit together...working hard so that they can make something more for shows the point of apathy rather well...also the point of openness and how an open attitude can yield opportunity and potential development for oneself...regardless of where one it is at's like there is always room for improvement and when one is open and willing to improve their position and status and positioning in life...well the opportunity might just open itself up externally as a reflection of the internal attitude. Also showcases rather well the point of self-victimization and the destruction within self-talk as like kicking one's own ass within one's emotional disposition.

The movie is also an eye opener into self-responsibility...i would say this because it showcases the attitude of despair as kind of like bumbling along and not really having a high regard for oneself as a consequence really of being somewhat of a scatter brain from the perspective of thinking about so much stuff outside the scope of oneself here...and really if the starting point isn't first the regard and consideration for oneself...than the regards and consideration for others is futile...because really it's at your own expense and it is thought of as a like a distraction and a sort of preoccupation to avoid actually taking responsibility and directing the main problem which is oneself and the fact that one isn't really doing anything for themselves to their betterment and therefore is also in fact a detriment to everyone else because if one doesn't take regard and consider oneself to the highest degree...the likely hood of being able to give and contribute effectively to the lives of others is very much much so that the individual may in fact be a drain on the lives of others as a result of their own self inflicted abuse. 

This movie kind of reflects into the psyche of a young adult and really is a point of recognition towards the self-reflection in asking the question "do I have my shit together"...what am I doing for myself....what am I making for myself....what purpose am I giving to my life?  These questions I am learning are critical  in the development of oneself here and also within having the ability to critically give responsibly here. Responsibility starts with self and that is something worth repeating...daily...from moment to moment...responsibility starts with self.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for wanting to wallow at the end of the movie at the harsh reality of the fact that it is up to self whether or not one gets self-honest with oneself and takes self-responsibility as the Director of One's Life here...and this is it...You got to put in the effort to yourself to really get the life You want...the Life You are's a point of and as our Potential Here....I mean this is something that is labored into's like we have to cultivate and develop our potential....Yes we have a natural ability within and as the expression of our potential....the reality is to effectively exercise and express that Potential of ours...we need to be self-honest in and as the self-evaluation of our acceptances and allowances the way to maintain a clean body/mind relationship where just like we shit out the shit from the body...we take care to release the shit from our minds so as to make sure we keep farming the greatness which is in fact our true potential here....and keep growing developing new branches of our potential as the ways in which we allow ourself to connect and contribute to the lives of others so that they too can compliment in contribution to the lives of like the epitome understanding and realization to how in fact it is possible for the Merry go Round to function as our shared play ground working together reality here.

When and as I see myself looking at a harsh truth as like a deep rooted acceptance and allowance within myself....I take a moment to really look at what it is I have been accepting and allowing that I had not previously been really acknowledging. I face the emotion that comes with seeing something that I had been avoiding to look at. I look at the emotion that is connected to what I have accepted and allowed. I realize the gratitude in gifting myself the privilege and patience to actually take the time to self-examine the extent of my accepted and allowed conditioning. I really face myself as it...I see myself clearly within and as the point...I realize myself as the potential expansion from and as this accepted and allowed limitation. I realize and understand how to move beyond such a mistake. I make the decision to stop accepting and allowing myself to be enveloped within such a character condition of suppression. I embrace the change I see possible.

I commit myself to the development and expansion of my Potential.

I commit myself to learning from self-evaluation.

I commit myself to creating a life for myself.

I commit myself to contributing to the lives of others.

I commit myself to the regard and consideration of self-responsibility being a daily repetition from moment to moment.

I commit myself to sharing my realizations of self-responsibility as the Merry go Round as as the gratitude and grateful attitude in and as our shared play ground working reality here...and within this realizing and understanding that this starts with myself regards here as the working play ground. 

I commit myself to taking care of my body and my mind and within this realizing and understanding the necessity in giving myself everything I need to cultivate the full development of my potential here.

I commit myself to branching out my potential.

I commit myself to opening up my mind to new opportunities to develop my potential and then later share my creations and supportive contributions to the lives of others.

I commit myself to making the most out of my Life here.

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