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Friday, 7 November 2014

Day 667 - Charisma

The word "Charisma" has been brought to my attention many times recently. I suppose there is some irony in saying that "Charisma" has gotten my attention...because within the definition of charisma means, "a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others." Dictionary also says that Charisma is, "a divinely conferred power of talent"

Synonyms of Charisma include: charm, presence, personality, force of personality, strength of character, magnetism, attractiveness, appeal, allure.

The roots of Charisma are said to come from ecclesiastical Latin, from Greek Kharisma, from, Kharis 'favor, grace'.

So, my initial thoughts for writing this blog was to open the word "Charisma" and see how I can live "Charisma" as an expression that supports and assists what is best for all Life.

Within looking up the dictionary definition of charisma, I had a reaction to seeing "devotion" within the definition....and I thought, 'I can't use's too religious...I don't want to attract devotion...people being devoted"

So, what I do next is slow myself down, I say, "wait a minute here, lets look more closely at the word devotion....perhaps I am jumping to conclusions as my reaction relationship towards devotion was rather self-evident.

So, I looked at the dictionary definition of "devotion".  What I realized is that devotion is not limited to religious ideology and that Devotion can be applied within anything and everything that we do as devotion can be described as a commitment...and a loving loyalty and enthusiasm within our participations here.

So, obviously I realized that devotion is a pretty cool word that can support and enhance self-expression/self-enjoyment/sharing-is-caring.

So, I looked at Charisma in relationship to Everyone living this word. This I see here is a cool point of support...because if everyone is Charismatic...well that is pretty cool reflection to see...because this point encompasses the dedication and discipline within hard work....which is the self-commitment and the satisfaction within and as the love/loyalty/enthusiasm for the work/play/moves we make.

Due to the nature of "Charisma", I see that there is tremendous potential for prosperous change and growth that is in the best interests of all life here....because I see that Charisma is, it is a powerful point of support in getting into you as your attention/focus beyond a most often like an admiration and a respect for what you are seeing...and so, in liking what you see...this stimulates/instigates a physical push within oneself to further challenge oneself in stepping up their game/devotion/work/play/participation/ the attraction within charisma is a physically charming quality.

Charisma I see is sharing the image and likeness of air of confidence that cannot be ignored because the presence is so strong.

So, Charisma is one of the greatest gift you can gift yourself with....because once you gift yourself with charisma, you can support others to do the same....and this is how our world becomes great....because it's a collective accumulation of greatness in the 1 + 1 equation and accounting for all Life here as The One Great Life....The Great One....The Great One Life Here....Because as the cause be devotion to Life/Greatness which is Who We Are....Tag You Are It.

To be Continued

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  1. Super cool Mike. I really like how you slowed down to open this word up further. You're already building charisma :)