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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Day 666 - Compounding Prayer

"As we humans as a collective whole, become more and more effective with our words....Our world will reflect this....As our world is a reflection and presentation of and as our acceptances within and as our Word relationships." Day 665 - The Math within Technological Advancement

So, I was looking at the math within compounding interest....the 1+1...doubling effect...doing this 20 times puts you at over 1 million....1+1=2....2+2=4....

I was looking at the movement and moment within the point of repetition....and specifically seeing how as each breath I live here in awareness...I accumulate myself standing responsibility here....developing a constant consistency.

I was looking at the point of the compounding effect in relationship to accomplishing things within a day in relationship to sales. I was seeing the simplicity of the accumulation effect there and how by doing one thing and then another thing....and another....and accumulating many things done in a day in relationship to one point...that, supports a substantial development and movement within that one area....because by doing one thing and then another thing and then another's like creating this very strong platform foundation for oneself.

So, what I am talking about here may seem rather obvious and common sensical...and that is because it is....and it's funny to talk about common sense...because I have often noticed that common sense in my every day living hasn't always been so doing all the simple things...the basic mathematics of everyday living...I have in many instances made it to be like some sort of complicated equation....when really it's simply basic mathematics here.


Looking at "Prayer" and seeing how I have associated "prayer" to a sort of religious worship where one is praying/asking another Force/God for whatever it may with this or name it....

So, I was looking and playing with the point of "prayer" from the starting point of like a point of asking myself for things....that praying is really asking myself permission for in a way...a kind of specific focused planning.....well the beginning stages of planning I would say....the Shopping list kind of thing....Saying what you want/need.....what it is you would like to get/have.

I see prayer as a point of self-permission in the sense that initially it stems within seeing what you got or don't got...and where you acknowledge that you are in need of a change from the standpoint of bettering/perfecting yourself here.

I think this is a cool point really.

Because I see this as being a cool point of self-intimacy where we actually take initiative within investigating the nature of ourself...and making a willing effort to actually improve upon our nature as a result of first giving ourself permission by asking ourself for what it is we in fact want/need. What is also very cool about this point is that it is self-authoritative....a point of self-authorization.


I see asking myself specific questions as a point of prayer....and also I see self-forgiveness as a point of prayer....praying...a paying I am giving myself as the gift I am for....

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding self-forgiveness and self-supportive questions as a point of practical living daily prayer that I can exercise as a point of substantiating the overall fitness of my well being the integral point to ease the grace of my flow as the moves I make from breath to breath as the living of my words from moment to moment as the sound embodiment of Awesomeness in Self-expression.

I commit myself to practically living my daily prayer as self-forgiveness and self-supportive questions.

I commit myself to living gracefully here.

I commit myself to giving myself permission for everything I want and need.

I commit myself to playing with my work and working with my play as the harmonious balance between work and the epitome of fun/funny mixed with the appropriate amount of maturity/seriousness.

I commit myself to self-stability as the balancing act of my moment to moment movements.

I commit myself to playing with the grace of myself here.

I commit myself to receiving the benefits of compounding daily prayer of assistance and support.

I commit myself to sharing the profound awesomeness of 'sharing is caring'....and "ask and you shall receive"

I commit myself to living self-forgiveness and self-supportive questions as a sound investment into the substantiation of my physicality here.

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