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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Day 665 - The Math within Technological Advancement

Continuing from my previous blog, "A World of Regard"

So, to begin with where I left off:

"I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to distract myself from the basic mathematics required to see how in fact a better world can be created for all life here that is most excellent in sustainability."

OK, I want to share a bit of an Abracadabra moment I had today:


I was investigating the word "Passion"....and within doing so, I was looking at how I was accepting and allowing the word to exist within me. What I found was that I had connected "Passion" to a strong positive feeling energy experience....and more specifically this strong positive energy feeling experience would be about what I defined as I really like....

So, what is interesting about that I noticed that the way I have created this particular word relationship with "passion" existing within that I have been hindering my potential.

My potential has been drastically limited as a result of this particular vocabulary relationship within myself....because....well..., my ability to actually live "passion" as who I am from moment to moment as like a real zest for life has been conditioned and dictated according to how I conditioned the energetic feeling experience of Passion to be within me to actually being able to act out a moment of passion....Meaning, unless I was really feeling a particular moment....I wouldn't be able to be passionate....

So point of Sharing here today, is how in fact our fact are the Key to the Math within Technological Advancement.


How we communicate and move about is a direct result of and as our relationship with words.  This in and of itself is a point of basic mathematics....because, in order to comprehend what it is you are doing and specifically structure the applications/planning of your participations requires a sound relationship with words.

So, the effectiveness in being able to orchestrate the the coming together of a world that is best for all life here in this planet....begins with how we have structured our own individual vocabulary.  Primarily investigating our emotion and or feeling attachments to how words have become conflict within us as yes and no coding based up negative emotions and positive like how we react based upon our very impulse....our programming if you will....because you see....each of us willed our very own programming of word/world relationships very specifically....and interestingly enough it is our word/world relationships that create/manifest what is in fact here.

This explains why substantial change has not ever been a quick instantaneous extravaganza....from the perspective of all the most unfortunate inhumane mistakes of our reality just kind of sorting themselves out over night....


I was looking at how I could utilize the word "Passion" as a tool of support in support and assisting my daily practical living....and to see if I could create a definition that exists beyond an energetic experience....


In playing within and as the word "Passion",

I noticed: Passion is the Pass I On....Pass as like the move I make...and the play I make...because a pass is like a play in and of a sport/game/activity...a pass is a physical action here. And what's cool about looking and seeing Passion as the Pass I that Passion is the point of Sharing like Pass it On...Pass I on...because I is always it....because like tag your it.....because everybody is It.....we live in the age of's all about IT....IT can stand for "Information technology"

So, now if we look at the saying, "Pass I On".....and "I" is the point of Information.....and we see here through my writing that information in and of itself is in fact a point of technology....a tool to create with here....I mean, to be really effective in doing anything, Your vocabulary is quite critical.


As we humans as a collective whole, become more and more effective with our words....our world will reflect our world is a reflection and presentation of and as our acceptances within and as our word relationships.

So, I dare You to explore your individual relationship within and as words and take initiative to remediate your vocabulary by removing the veil which is the self-limiting definitions that exist through the feeling/emotion energetic experience....because it is this very particular energetic experience that is individually self-defined that keeps the very movement and flow of life excellence restrained and held hostage.

To be Continued

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