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Monday, 16 March 2015

Day 715 - Audacity in Creativity Living Rhapsody

The Song is me..
The Song is One.
The Song is Always Sung.
The Song is Won.
The Winning Song Is Always.
The Creative Audacity in Living Rhapsody.

The Playwrights is to Play with the right and the left side as part of the compass of moral discretion as the discernment to choose as Always loss Prevention. The protection is in the Play rite as the writing of passage...the laws governing the body of self doing it here.

The body of government is the creativity in audacity as Living Rhapsody.

The Yo of the flow...the recognition of re-cognition..the rewiring of lying as to fire the liars from communicating through the wires making this cellular as the status standing agreement of Our Cells here...the Seeing Ourselves all together to get to get the understanding and realization of the mother-ship...ya the leadership boarding...No hoarding..

This is Greatness...the Nest that is Great,.


Yes please....the pleasure of attitude be the One you want...the winning Won...because you know how it goes....self-regard....appreciation and acceptances be part of the daily bread in giving living allowance as the money that is our honey pot the why to the we high as we low...the as above so below and the side to side in the decide brigade as the cumming together of knowing how to need for debate...fuck the need....we doing the deed...Indeed...we live the daily doing deeds as our very pleasures Indeed.

Ski bop the hip hop like flowing down the mountain on the jungle gymnasium inside the cranium rock cap...rock rock to the beach house....all housing inclusive of the law of Gratitude be the the law Greatness is the nest of our residing as the desire in reside...check it..see money living life value.....regarding the agreement purpose point in postured positioning a stance of self-acceptance that is Great.

Grateful is Key in being full of Great...though check it as the money in the bank...with greatness comes great responsibility because it;s an actuality of living in physical reality...the maneuverability in the acquisition of substantiating a position.

Poster the Posture...for the Posture is the Post You are.
The Rhapsody of Self-Expression....
The Oar, The Gas and The Mic...
Tools Check...Making it Made...Motor Boating the landing whether or not weather permitting because I make the permits for my permissions as the standing authority in and as the recognition of moral allegory in principle posed positioning as what;s best for You is Best for Me. Yo!

Wordy wordage is part of the stretching in expanding the mobility as how you sketch it you know...because sometimes it comes out as the aftermath of the shout...but check was here already as the fountain flowing within...the water runs non stop...the mouth be the tap...whether you tap dance or not...the song is song in every note as the sounding of it why as the how and the when as the what the we got here.

Musician in an Orchestra with a Sea of Organs...playing each piece has it;s part can direct all parts as each part has it's own individual part each part can stand as the individuality creativity audacity rhapsody as the flow go you know and trust...can't rust when you bust,..because just a paused hiccup indicator symptom symbol like a stop sign to slow down...rewind try it again...check the tempo

Momentum is the mountainous movement of the moment when you go Uhm and than drop the hesitation and stick to performance presentation

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