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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 706 - Fun Knee

It's Funny how things work out. Like when you see and realize a connection you hadn't previously considered, or like You realize something you had been avoiding/accepting that was totally ridiculous and absurd.  Like, specifically when you get into the dynamics of the relationships...this is where the fun and the haha funny moments are as like the enjoyment of the fun that can be shared together through learning which really is in fact a caring and sharing because the caring is sharing and the sharing is caring.

Why does Fun and Knee sound like funny?

Is there some sort of connection here? What's the correlation?

Well, if you look at what is really fun or funny....the funny is fun...but the fun isn't necessarily funny...unless it's added to it so to like fun can exist with the funny...but funny doesn't really exist without the fun. because have a look, if you are closed off from having any is tough to really learn anything effectively in a way that is like aha...I get it, I got it....I see....that's funny.

Funny in and of itself is an expansive point of like the ever expanding point of fun. Funny, really is an integral part of the learning process here. Self-enjoyment is a cool description I see here as describing a relationship which is fun and funny because enjoyment....specifically self-enjoyment is a shared point...and if you look at the make up of our cells here...I mean ourselves see and hear that there is so many cells/selves there is so many parts that make up the whole.

All joking a side because funny is in the ability to decide as like to see for real what is in fact what. Funny is beyond the make believe. Funny is the Know thy Self curriculum. What is funny about funny and all funny a side is that You Decide...if You Can See the Funny which is a decision...which is funny in and of itself...because it's a logical reasoning that perhaps is illogical in deciding the decision you've sided with.

How I got to the Fun Knee here as my creative writing play work here is as a result of giving extra close attention to my Knee as I am in the process of Healing a Knee Injury. It's interesting in how giving extra close attention to a specific part, the potential to create new connections and possibilities exists.

In looking at myself acceptances and allowances here, I have been facing the questions of Fun and Funny in regards to my Knee. Specifically I reflect here in the self-movement of myself within and as points of Fun and Funny as the Creative Play Work Here. See, I see and realize myself as the Orchestrator of Who and How I am within and as my participations here. Gratitude is the attitude that I am working and playing with. Sometimes this has been I have many times tripped myself up on my own self-righteousness...which is like a hiccup in effective breathing/seeing here as what is what for what it is.

What is opening up here for me is the abdication of the Funny and Fun within myself where I have allowed and accepted myself to move along without regard for the fun and funny within and as the work I do here. This strain I have done onto myself I see reflecting my knee injury as my current inability to walk effectively, as my body has revealed to me here...' cant walk like you've been are facing the consequences of accepting and allowing accumulated restraint/strain that has now manifested itself in the form of an the inner jury no longer will continue as the strain and restraint.'

Interesting it is to see the funny in the serious and the fun in the serious as the serious fun. I find it interesting that there often comes to be a dissonance or a disconnect from the fun when there is seriousness. This sentiment of "seriousness" I see as the 'Adult' like the losing the fun of childhood and perhaps trying to get back to it...or maybe having lost it all together and not even realizing what has been lost because one is so enveloped in the "serious".  Like for instance I do not recall as a child having the same extent of mind activity...thought action as I have today....and I am not certain that all the thought action is a good I have noticed that often the though action can be of a serious like the 'police man in the head' kind of thing where there is always some sort of systematic judgement and stereo type casting taking place...and it's like really a money calculator when you see things for what they are simplistically....because the way money works is also within and as the emotion and feeling of the body whether it is positive feeling or negative emotion...both are perpetuating the dependency and the continuation of one another...and so the mind of though/feeling/emotion becomes like an individualized calculator of accounting the individualized and specialized self interest and regard for the very self created frequencies of one's particular value.

It's interesting to see how my creative writing play here has taken a turn into looking at the mind and money in regards to the adult...

To Be Continued

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