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Friday, 20 March 2015

Day - 712 - Real Time Application...More than a Test Drive

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Important Note:

 You may notice that the publication date here is later than blog Day 714. I had written Blogs Day 711- to 714 in Sequence but did not get around posting in that order. Anyways, now you know the flow of how it all came to writing in the structuring of my posts.

Also, the posts are a creative practice play in real time movement moment to moment without the hesitation stand still judgement and doubt. So without a doubt I face myself in the moment as I write and then come back and reflect on my written words to fine tune my garnering of support and assistance for myself as like making my self-nurturing regard a timeless application and process I commit to.

So, If you haven't checked the previous, ch, ch, check it out. 

Also, like the previous post this post was supported in being initiated by the words of Anu in "Path of the Initiate"

Isn't it interesting how we have so many participations throughout our Lives? I mean, even if you are someone who says they do Nothing all of the time, the reality is that you are actually doing some thing's....we are always participating in some thing's.  I mean, to do absolutely nothing here is really not physically viable...seeing how we live in a physical reality here where Everything is physically here. So, nothing is like a paradox of sorts because of Everything being here....but not really from the perspective that Nothing doesn't exist because Everything exists. I know, things are sounding even more paradoxical. Like multi-verses in the Universe. The mathematics of addition.

The point I am pointing out here, with regards to Nothing, is Everything. Have a look at the process journey to Life here. Letting go of Everything for Everything. A return to nothingness, like a blank slate....fresh canvas. See that an Enormous amount of potential is possible when the starting point has been returned to Nothingness. Look at the self-direction potential. See Always! The support is moving in every direction! Always all ways. Think of like a ball of yarn or the spokes on a wheel. Point of thinking illustrations is to highlight the support and assistance within Always assistance and support as what is best for life. Talk about options and possibilities. Quite the opposite of things being restricted and restrained.

See here how each becomes the Driving operator of Always. This is the process journey to nothingness that supports the enactment of a New World Order....a Living World Order that You would really Like to Design. The manifestation of Heaven on Earth, to be explicitly precise.

The rhetorical question to creating and manifesting Heaven on Earth, is, "Why wouldn't You manifest yourself, the World Here as Heaven on Earth?"

Obviously when the regard for self is realized and the process commitments are clear....the creating and manifesting of Heaven on Earth becomes an Obvious Duh, Of this is the course/path/trail/kingdom/palace/house/Fortress/Compound/run/slide/jungle gym/play-ground/mountain climber/swimming pool/hot-tub/farm/ocean/golf-course/Ski-Hill/skating rink/obstacle course/PLANET to Plant we Plan it. See the plant and the plan...and the planet the playing with what is here...and using the similarities within things that are good for mutually beneficial and prosperous results. Planning and Planting our nature makes the fruition of our Labor specifically the great nest here is spread far and the planet greatness...the great nest here for all to live and the practical living of love made visible as the truest truth of what is real like what it is to really live for real here. You know, creating the Here in which you are like no matter what,,,You/We are Here as Everything. That's all there is. And the potential comes from nothing as like the return to self the innocence of self-realized here. The contact with self actualization here. as the hey hello hi I see me here...and I get in to me I see as self-intimacy,

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