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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Day 723 - When and As I See Myself

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When and as I see myself competing with myself as like being split within points of perspective as like having an energy within one direction and also an energy within another direction, I stop and breathe, I see realize and understand the friction that is done onto myself as like an unnecessary heating up within myself that is not really practical and best for my optimum physiology here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for being negligent of all the things I see in which I participate within that are not cool as various moments of thought, word and deed.

When and as I see myself resisting to embrace a point/moment here, I stop and breathe, I realize that this resistance towards directing the moment in an optimum way as what is the pivot point so to speak...because this is moment of truth as how I make my vote for what's best for Life...or something less. I commit myself to living the vote for life as what is best for life. I realize that what I have come to accept and allow in many instances is less than what is in fact best for life. I realize it is counterproductive to allow myself to get hung up about my misfortunes...and that in fact by facing all point of myself I turn my weaknesses into strengths....and within this I see and realize how these moments and acceptances and allowances of misfortune can be leverage to assist and support my overall Life fortune here as It is a most definite fortunate thing to take responsibility for my very own misfortune. I realize as I am more and more proficient in sorting through my very own misfortune....the opportunity presents itself as like a renewal point of farming here, where I have the opportunity to give as I would like to receive...and within this, obviously I live to give, as the caring and sharing I am capable of giving because I have first proven the point to be well planted in myself as the seeded solution that has grown into fruition as I embrace myself as the fruits of my own labor.

I commit myself to sharing the fruits of my labor.

I realize and understand that sharing the fruits of our labor is an enormous point of responsibility within consideration and regard for Life as what is best for Life.

When and as I see myself going into a reaction about temperature, I stop and breathe, I see realize and understand myself here as temperature. I realize and understand there is a whole spectrum of temperature. I commit myself to fine tuning my applications of working with various relationship dynamics of myself here.

When and as I see myself reacting to the word Cold, I stop and breathe, I see realize and understand that I am one and equal with the word cold...and to react to myself is in fact a silly way to a most ridiculously unfortunate experience really.  I commit myself to stopping the war/conflict within myself as a friction to moment of facing/encountering myself here on an external level as words. I realize and understand my self-responsibility here as living words. I commit myself to self-perfection within and as the usage of living words. I commit myself to remediating the misfortunes I have created through incorrect usages of words and the specific associations to words that were out of structural alignment with and as what is in fact best for me as a presentation of all Life here.

I commit myself to letting go of positive energetic reactions in regards to the word Cool.

When and as I see myself creating a buzz within myself as the word cool from the perspective of leveraging a point of dissonance within myself to induce an artificial high, I stop and breathe, I see realize and understand the absurd ridiculousness of choosing to play out the reactionary tale of going along for the accepted and allowed ride of Positive energy possession. I see, realize and understand that it is less than what is best to perpetuate oneself existing in positive I see realize and understand that the positive energy reactionary playout is the unfortunate consequence of so much accepted and allowed shit/waste to exist within and as my potential here.  I commit myself to the exercising of my potential here as the process in expanding the possibilities of my potential here.

To be continued

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