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Friday, 3 April 2015


Some Good Friday Cheer.

An Extra Blog Special for Today!

Warning Very Dark Comedy. The Tragic Kind. It's really not even very funny it's so ridiculously absurdly vulgar. Though it's not even that vulgar when we consider the scope of the vulgarity in and as the acceptances and allowances in our shared existence Here. So ya it's vulgar.

This Blog Contains Explicit Language. If You are sensitive about the Words Jesus, Christ, Religion, Christianity, Holy....I suggest You Stop reading Now and close this page, You've been Warned! Content may be regarded as Offensive. Intent is not to Offend. Educational Insight in a very explicitly direct/indirect manner.

May provoke new Consideration that is Life Altering. May just piss you off. May just invoke a response of like whatever...meh.

Question Your Response. For it is You.

Did you ever Notice that the words "Jesus Christ" are used an explicit expression as a way to express a point of shock and or surprise, like "Holy Fuck"?  Maybe for even more dramatic effect, You say, "Jesus Christ, Holy Fuck...or Holy Shit, Jesus Christ...or Jesus Fucking Christ"

Ever notice how the Jesus Christ is a religious sacred kind of talk as like a point of worship...and at the same time if this word is misused that same christian might flip their lid and go JesusFuckingChrist on You...I mean the worship becomes a form of warship battle...where the whole love thy neighbor as yourself kind of gets lost in the Holy Shit debauchery of it all.  I mean Jesus Christ the polarized word relationships are bloody ridiculous.

Jesus Christ was Crucified on a the story goes....and for that the common national holiday is referred to as Good Friday. Jesus Fucking Christ....think about it. That's kind of fucked up.  A dude who was regarded as Most Excellent in so many ways...aka, the son of God...I mean that is some Heavenly Shit...Talk about Wizzardry Magnificence...And what is the democratic vote of the times....Holy Shit it's Jesus Fucking Christ public persuasion....propaganda...Voting for Stupid Shit...Has Anything really changed Since The Jesus Hanging? Ya, Now commemorate the Jesus Assisted Suicide by celebrating the day as GOOD Friday! Jesus Christ....

Are you ever really safe is you require someone else to save You? I mean Jesus Christ...This Savior shit is total Bullshit...For there a Hero there needs to Be Cowards....Savior/Hero Attitude is for Cowards....Jesus Fucking Christ

Christian flock to church on Good Friday to watch/participate in a Stations of the Cross Service/Ceremony.....Jesus Christ....How fucked up is that....Imagine everyone voted to Kill Your Son of Daughter because they were totally fucking Awesome...and Every Year afterwards...everyone real lived the massacre and Believed it was for the Best, Like some Real Martyr Shit. Jesus Christ, Shit is So Ridiculous....Jesus Fucking Christ.

Hunting for Easter Eggs, which are commonly like trying to find little pieces of Holy Know because Holy Fucking Shit...It's Easter...Happy Easter...Eggs represent fertility and this is the time that's prime for Fucking!

How come there isn't more public talk about the absurd ridiculousness of Religious Culture Tradition that is interwoven into modern day society as the Holidays...I mean Holy Days...Jesus Christ, shit just got religious....or wait a second...Are we all part of a Giant Religious Hypocrisy By our Very Birth Certificate Here? Jesus Fucking Christ...Shit just got Holy See A Conspiracy here as the Cons Piracy as the modern day long Con....I mean Jesus Christ...this Con has been a long time Running....Jesus Christ What the Fuck?

Instead of Praying to Jesus, Why don't You Pray to Yourself...I mean that way You can know for sure whether you are going to follow up on the Request/Prayer. Jesus Christ. lol. Don't you think Jesus has got more than enough Junk Mail...and repeat orders...I mean clean your own dirty laundry.

Is it a wonder why comic book superhero movies are so popular...or why there are so many action movies existent...Is it all a Jesus Fucking Christ Super Star Play?  Jesus Christ, Holy Shit,,,things are Ridiculous

We Live in a time and age where Shit is Ridiculously Offensive...Like Jesus Fucking Christ...and Holy Shit...Typically We shy away from focusing on the grotesque Nature of our acceptances and allowances here...Because those with the Most Money Sing the Gospel of Positvity...and the Majority who are not the most Wealthy...Desire to have the Fame and Fortune of A Jesus Christ Superstar...Not realizing the whackness of our Celebrity Culture...a total Gong Show Sacrifice where Killing of Life is a must in order to Hail the Profit/Prophet Money....Jesus Christ...the Money Game is got You taxed by the Mind...Give it all away and see how positive you are...maybe then You can thank God and Praise Jesus

Praise be Jesus...Or should it be, Praise be thy Money....If you Got the Money...You Get the Honey....No Money = No Honey....What Kind of Worker Bee Get's All the Honey...None of them...all serve the Queen....Jesus Christ...Slavery is evident in the mind of our being Here...Check the law...It's Like a tax on Your Life that You are Indebted to...Support a Charity if You got some extra feel Good about Your Honey...and Believe You're part of the Change...yes, ...Changing the Minds of those who think that  maybe a real world shift is possible....Charity just encourages shit getting more fucked up...Jesus Christ....What Would Jesus Do? Didn't he cause Havoc for the Tax Man?  Maybe we should Vote on a New World Order...You Know the kind that is most excellent in regarding all Life here....Where the Standard of Living has a High Quality Standard to it...Not this sweatshop low quality slave labor Bullshit.

Is Jesus Christ a Corporation? Like The God Corp? Believe in the God Corporation...where your prayers will be answered...Like the way offensive filth is generated as trolling and disinformation on the internet...and general bullying as a coping mechanism for inferiority complexes.  Jesus Christ, an epidemic of Inferiority Complexes is evident in world of disregard for living words here.

Jesus Christ, Happy Easter!

Holy Shit!

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