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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Day 703 - Talking Shit

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Talking Shit.

Is that my skill? Is that what I can do.....practically....effectively...physically talk shit. The relationship acceptances and allowances as to the daily functioning's of our shared reality are really really shitty aren't they. Yes/No? Do you prefer a more positive perspective and or message? It's best to be positive....right?

Being positive in a Negative reality is fucking bullshit. It's absolutely fucking crazy. Yet the crazy is part of what keeps a Negative reality a fucking bullshit's the fake attitudes....You know, buying into acting and reacting particular ways and giving attention to that which doesn't deserve even a moments attention.

Look at all the shit that exists as keep you being positive while the planet/Life goes to shit.

Political system is Shit.
Legal system is Shit.
Economic system is Shit.
Medical system is Shit.
Education system is Shit.
Religious/Spiritual system is Shit.
World Relationships are Shit.
Media is Shit.
Oceans are filled with Shit.
Outer Space is filled with Shit.

There is so much about what is happening here as human activity on planet earth that is totally fucking stupid shit. And, it's like if you don't put a positive spin on all the stupid shit in some way or's like the majority of the people around you in your environment will want to ignore you or fight you or kill you...or some other sort of stupid shit. Ever notice that?

Did you ever notice anyone ever saying something like, "You just gotta be positive.....or, Get rid of the Negative people in Your World....Only surround yourself with Positive people".

These types of statements are negative as fuck. Like negatively exponentially fucked. This attitude of of a war between positive attitudes and negative attitudes like some mother fucker's here are more righteous in their attitude than other's here type of ridiculous shit....and unless you are being positive in a buzz of gratitude about the shit that is's like go fuck yourself you negative fucker....says the positive fuck wad to the negative fuck wad..or something like that. Sometimes this fuck you attitude is all non verbal.

The irony is that whether you are a negative or positive fucker here....You are still a fucker here.

So if you start to see shit for real....within yourself....and within others....and you start talking to people about it....what is interesting is that it's a real ugly situation....or maybe this is what beauty really is.....fugly. Because you may experience people trying to talk you out of seeing real shit for real....and or people don't want to know or here about the real shit that you see because it contradicts the lie that they have been investing into...and keeping a lie going on a daily basis is the long con...and it's like if you give up the long con, and dare to look beyond the long con....than you might see that your entire life has been a waste....a tragic comedy....that you having never been here would have probably been better for the earth. I mean that's some hard shit to regard. Because if you really look at the real shit here about ourselves and this earth....I mean, it is really fucking tragic. Saying it is a joke....a tragic comedy is a way to support and assist with the pain...catharsis...the psychological disposition you are...within realizing the trauma and fuckedness of yourself here in this world.

I was looking at all the airplanes in the air. You can check a live feed to see all the air planes in the air at any given moment via satellite imaging. Scientists have known for a long time that airplane travel is of great concern with regards to negatively impacting climate change.

Isn't it fucked how common it is for people to hop on a plane and fly across the world? I mean airplanes are buzzing around all the time everywhere. Air travel is a business built around self-interest...encouraging make money. This world is set up so backwards.  I find it quite peculiar that in wealthy areas of the world it is super common to take a flight somewhere far away from where you live and work normally, so that you can have a vacation and relax....what is strange to me about that one needs/wants to take a vacation away from their home/community/environment. It seems to me that this is supporting the escape mentality mind set...where it's like your everyday life is so utterly fucked that you just want to remove yourself from it and get as far away as possible and just sort of zone out...until you are required to go back to auto pilot zombie mode and continue with the long con perpetuation.

To me, the way the vacation industry is set up, suggests that most people do not even live or work where they would like to live and work. I mean, wouldn't it be a sign of pride and regard of where you live to actually hangout and relax in the area in which you live?  Perhaps there would be more regard for the functioning of your immediate environment if you were required to live within it all the time...and the option to fuck off somewhere else didn't exist.

There's a lot of shit that needs to be questioned and answered. There's a tremendous amount of accountability required within each fucker living here. Let's face it, everyone living here is a fucker...and it's up to all us fucker's here to sort out the fucking mess.

Shit is fucking crazy.

shit is fucking ridiculous.

Can We Correct all this stupid shit? Is a Holy Shit purification process possible?

I vote to work on Correcting Shit.

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