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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 697 - Discipline and Questions

Let me begin with a comical story of sorts about an experience of mine from some most recent times:

A few days earlier I was skiing with some long time friends and a new potential friend of sorts who is  a new friend of my long time friends. This new potential friend had some unfortunate situations happen throughout our time together. These particular events brought up some questions within myself. first point was that she forgot her ski socks. Luckily, She realized this before we left for the hill and just had to do a quick turn around and drive a few minutes back to her house. I questioned this point as to how someone could forget their ski socks. I then learned that she had special ski socks and was wearing regular normal every day socks...and thus I could see how it was possible to not have your ski socks already on your feet. Question solved.

Next situation. We get to the ski hill and She has forgotten to bring her ski pants. I react a little bit to this point within a sort of shock and amazement and ask the question...."how could someone forget to bring their ski pants?" This baffled me. I see this question coming as a consequential build up of reaction energy within myself as there were also a few other points previously that stimulated questions within myself. Like, we didn't end up all car pooling together....we went in two vehicles....she wanted to drive her own vehicle with the one friend of mine who she knows from work. I was slightly agitated about this because I was anxious to get to the ski hill, and the plan was that we would all car pool,,,,and I was already weighting....I mean waiting for her to show up....because she and other friend were both running late.

See here the weight of waiting without clearing the like an accumulation of unnecessary bullshit.

Long story short, we go skiing...and when we come inside from skiing...She is complaining that her feet are cold. For some reason I am bothered by this. And, I am thinking to myself, 'how can her feet be so cold?'

Two days later, I go to the ski hill to teach some ski lessons. I have several lessons scheduled to teach. As I am getting out of the car, I realize I have forgotten my ski pants. I forgot my ski pants. Wow. Really? Yes. First time in 6 years of teaching ski lessons. Coincidence? Yes. Guess what else happened! My feet became so very cold!

The moral of my story here is that of "Discipline and Questions". You see, it is very important to be aware of the questions you ask. And specifically the starting point from which you speak. Whether you are making statements or You are asking questions.....the starting point is always equally important!

So, Remember:

A question is the quest you go on. If you put yourself on a quest to a destination that is most unfortunate, because your starting point was most unfortunate, then the quest is a most unfortunate process isn't it. Though, the alchemy here....if you will is that realizing and understanding the extent of Your accepted and allowed misfortune is most fortunate. This is in fact a pivotal point in becoming the leadership of and as your next inquisition, as you self-realize the capacity to captain your ship as the master dictator of and as your self-directive treasure hunt. See! Here, is the real fun in and as Our starting point of and as our questioning ability. This is the learning process made easy. Ask and You shall receive! Ask what? A Question of course!...for you will receive the course...the route...the journey...the lesson...the support and assistance you require in and as the forms you need. The irony here is of course...the course of action in and as which we participate...for there is grave difference between living action and perpetuating reaction.

The starting point Oneness and Equality within and as the Question is who/how we are/will be as the outside example/illustration and and equal with our very inside participation. How we ask the Question is in fact how we set the sail! It is how we set the it is how we set the what it is we have in fact agreed to our words are by our very own admission. For We are the Author's of our very own acceptances and allowances here. Note,... our allowances here are in fact in and as our agreements as what we are in fact willing to receive and or be given. The equality and oneness together as one forever more is I get it I got it good the abracadabra "do, re, mi, fa. so, la, ti, do"

The application of Self-forgiveness is the recognition within and as the seeing and realizing of and as the very misfortune...the energy buildup...the shipwreck so to speak....the repair job necessary to make the change necessary to live self-honesty as the knowing connection of yourself here that cannot be denied because you in fact the seeing for real the I's that are here equal and get here as the together we are all for all and all for one...the win win in asking the best questions that's why and how...for we are it. Yes, tis is the process we are...whether we like it or whether we don't set's the forecast for the weather patterning behavior in and as our ability and capability to respond in directly support our ship...our Life the relation ship to all ships here as the Earth mother ship.

To Be Continued

For your information I've been watching a show called Black Sails and it's about pirates and the commerce of the sea...and ya...I've enjoyed playing just now with the ship point in relation to my understanding of maritime admiralty law and the connection to common law jurisdiction....and the law of our being here as the words...the sounds....the solfege that we are as how and who we are as the Being Creation Expression Presentation Today/Tonight and every Today/Tonight for it is always all ways Today/Tonight.

The funny thing about tomorrow is that it's always a day away and just when you think it's going to get here....We call it "Today"....a new Today....and Tomorrow is a day a way. Because the term/word tomorrow is in reference to a future present day...and well it's just funny to me because...why...Because...

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