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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Day 691 - The Dynamics of Creation

Continuing from my previous blog, Day 690 - What's Best for All - Guiding Me in Thought, Word and Deed.

Here I am looking at the relationship dynamics of Problem and Solution in and as the Creation process.

So, let me first begin with a question, which is an inquiry about the word Problem. Initially my thought is that a problem is bad or somewhat negative in scope. However, here I see it is important to regard the fact that a problem does not require to be limited to being "bad or somewhat negative." And for this reason, In my writing investigation here, to widen the scope of perspective perception, I will utilize the definition of the word "Problem" as follows:

Problem: an inquiry started from given conditions to demonstrate a fact, result or law.

OK, now lets look at the word Solution.

Solution: A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.
                'The process or state of being dissolved in a solvent'

What's interesting about a Solution is that it has a relationship with a problem...where a Solution is in fact incorporated into a problem...This creates new dynamics.

Why am I looking at the relationship dynamics of Problem and Solution in and as the Creation process?


What jumps out at me the Dynamics of Creation...

What do I mean?

The potential connections in perspective outlook to support the growth in character ability of expression of thought, word and deed.

"If there's a Will, there's a Way"

"A Willing Way"

"Where there's Life, there's Direction"

"Movement is synonymous with Life"

I find it interesting to regard movement in and as Language.

What's interesting in Examining/Investigating a "Problem" is that the Answer/Solution is in the Problem....or more specifically...Not in the "problem"....Get it ? ...Knot in the problem! The particular conditions that frame the Conditions....the Context...

What's interesting I see here is the barometer of our word and world relationships. Because I see here how our words reflect and reveal the weather of our current conditioning here. What's interesting is that it appears to be mostly an unconscious thing that we all really want to share the truth of our weather/conditioning.....yet the irony is that so very often the truth of ourself expression here is suppressed and buried as like a cover up story. Interesting though, is the fact that talking about the weather in an external sense...or the "News" is popular socially practiced etiquette in conversing with one another on a daily basis...whether or not You know the person you are encountering very well or not. Interesting I see that this basic on the surface communication is more just a talking from the perspective of talking as like an acknowledgement of facts...without really getting into anything personal. Yet, I see here a potential correlation reflection with the accepted and allowed regard for ourselves here....Because, giving such regard for "chit chat communication" with the people we encounter is not a guarantee of's a maybe...And, OK, where am I going with this?

This here I question as the weathering of our current accepted and allowed circuitry as how we have wired ourselves together here as like just kind of functioning...happening...without really understanding and realizing the extent of How we in fact are happening to be functionally existing here in and as our complete capacity.

Why is this so?

I am reminded here of a Movie, "The Never Ending Story"...Where in this movie/story...the, "Nothingness" is taking over....and nobody knows what to do....the irony is that nobody is really doing anything...nobody has any real trust in themselves to look into and explore the Question/Journey as to Why the "Nothingness" is taking over, Except a Boy named "A Trail".  What is ironically funny here is the name games within this movie. Also the fact that the people of the land don't believe that "A Trail" can be a way to solve the "Nothingness" from taking over....because he is just a boy...and it is believed that you must be a Great Warrior Man at the very least in order to face the "Nothingness" and possibly save the land from total self-destruction. "A Trail" is sure of himself in terms of his commitment to facing and Stopping the "Nothingness" from taking over.

What's ironic here in regards to this the parallels with our accepted and allowed society...and how we have structured the positioning of labor positions...where there is emphasis on being a "professional" and that in order to be a must go through this education like gauntlet of a Schooling system...where you will be than typically ranked and categorized into your specific "job" based upon your scoring.
Now, the point I am bringing up that the way our schooling systems are not really an effective method for problem solving....and thus creating solutions that are best for all inhabitants here. Which is really quite ridiculously absurd.
I mean really, there is so much disconnect it seems with practical support in and as the Dynamics of Creation...Like...I mean, the fact that I am writing evidence.

My writing is evidence in fact.

Whether I say it so or So I say it is not.

Either way,

My writing is evidence in fact.

Question the evidence in fact.

You will Realize the Solution in Fact.

For it is the Solution in Facts,

That Will support the Questions in Fact.

Have You heard the Words,

"Everything is in Reverse"?

Even the Words and World we converse Inn....

Is not it Odd?

Birth to Death

When maybe it's actually,

Death to Birth


There's no After Life...

There is only Before Life.


Before Life is the Potential of Life...

Whereas, After Life...

There is no Potential.

Get It

Got It

God It


The Flow is the Wolf symbolism in and as how we together stand alone here and move together as One and equal Alone...ALL One Here....

See the Equality in and as the To Get Here...To Get There....we Move Together the All Together Here....

We Get it

We Got it

We God it

We Gooooooooooooooooood

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Isn't it funny !

The Dynamics of Creation ?

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