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Friday, 9 January 2015

Day 692 - Free Dumb of Speech....I Mean Free Doom....Freedom...

We live in interesting times. A time where we are faced with the question of, "what is and isn't acceptable behavior?"

It's interesting in looking at the topic of Freedom of Speech.  It's somewhat of a complex subject...yet the potential exists for it to be relatively simple.

I heard someone say that Freedom of speech is so controversial, because what is regarded as offensive and abusive to One person isn't necessarily abusive to another person.

It's like punching or slapping someone....some people might actually want you to do it....some might not really want you to do it, but they'll take it... and some will dish out a punch or slap of their own as a justified tit for tat kind of thing.An

What's interesting about this topic is the standards people what is regarded as acceptable and not acceptable.

You may have heard the saying, "so and so has no filter"

Interesting to regard the fact that most water needs a filter to drink...if you didn't have a filter there would be too much non supportive things in the water....too much shit.

The point seems obvious about provisions of Freedom of Speech in regard to "Hate". Hate I see is and as where abuse originates from in speech. Hate is associated with violence...where the ends are believed to justify the means...or retribution and retaliation.

I am questioning here the general basics of how we typically communicate with one another. Like for instance, in specific regards to communication....the usage of opinion. I have generated some opinions within my writing here...and they are my statements of fact so to speak....but they are not actually absolute in terms of being this is this and only this kind of thing....I mean there is room for interpretation.

Do our opinions really matter when and as they are subjective?

Is this how Hate is created? Is Hate only ever Subjective? An Emotion?

Is this polarized also with Love? Is this subjective outlook of Love and Hate, problematic?

In choosing to Hate and choosing to Love....are we not less than our potential ability?

Is it a point of deception in choosing whether or not You will Love or Hate?

Why is a choice presented as a polarization of sorts...where it's like you either choose this or you choose this....either way you must make a choice?

Looking at "Freedom" and what does it really mean?  Isn't it interesting that when I look up the definition of freedom, there are so many definitions listed.....does this suggest that the very word relationship accepted within humanity in regards to freedom is complicated? Isn't war simply a result of complications? Isn't disease manifested as a result of physical body complications?

the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint:
He won his freedom after a retrial.
exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
the power to determine action without restraint.
political or national independence.
personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery:
a slave who bought his freedom.
exemption from the presence of anything specified (usually followed byfrom):
freedom from fear.
the absence of or release from ties, obligations, etc.
ease or facility of movement or action:
to enjoy the freedom of living in the country.
frankness of manner or speech.
general exemption or immunity:
freedom from taxation.
the absence of ceremony or reserve.
a liberty taken.
a particular immunity or privilege enjoyed, as by a city or corporation:
freedom to levy taxes.
civil liberty, as opposed to subjection to an arbitrary or despotic government.
the right to enjoy all the privileges or special rights of citizenship,membership, etc., in a community or the like.
the right to frequent, enjoy, or use at will:
to have the freedom of a friend's library.
Philosophy. the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint  from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.
Compare necessity (def 7).
See the Free within Freedom.....Notice the practical value of Free...I mean free is kind of synonymous with the number zero....because each represents/symbolizes Nothingness...a value is therefore absent in and as it's worth.
I find the whole notion of Freedom mildly entertaining as like there is all sorts of irony about it. This is a tragic comedy really.
Fighting for freedom is paradoxical....because it is like a dog chasing it's tail....the one is the other! Wait what? the dog is the tail and the tail is part of the dog....the tail and the dog are one?....Huh? Wait, what? Freedom and Fighting are the same thing? How so? Freedom is the choice to fight....freedom is in it's very nature a conflict of sorts...where decisions are made from and as the starting point of conflict....where there is a recognition of conflict and the decision to distance oneself from like nah, not my problem....not going to take responsibility.....I choose self interest...I am free to do whatever I want....I want what I want.

Imagine if the sun was free to not work and and take vacations whenever?

What about your heart deciding to fuck off just because?

What about your legs decide to just stop working?

What about your eyeballs deciding they want to take a vacation and pop out of your skull?

Why should we humans be any different in and as our capacity for responsibility than the sum of our body parts?

Isn't it interesting that there is so much hoopla about freedom...when really this is a point that arguably contributes to the destruction of physical loving actions made visible as the acknowledgement and regard for the value of all life here.

Do you see how we humans have been conditioned to be in conflict with the regard and value for all Life here....beginning with our very self....cells here?

Notice the conflict that exists within and as the polarization of feelings and emotions.

Imagine the sun operating based on feelings and emotions that were always a bi-polar attitude flux of love/hate...where wanting to scorch and nurture...or like a good/bad like never really stable in and as its application? I mean what the fuck...right?

Is Freedom the enslavement to the acceptance and allowance of fear?

Think about it? Freedom....your free to feel how you to do what you to not listen to anyone to doom..........fear is the's like a control game really.....when you actually give up freedom you have freedom.....when you let go of desire you have desire.....when you give you get.....when you share you are cared for....when you live you in fact giving you get to live... accepting and allowing anything and everything within yourself....freedom in chaos....freedom in an absence of principles/laws....order....harmony. Freedom in disharmony....freedom for disregard.....being free to not the same as practically living regard....because to practically live regard is beyond a's a commitment and's a realization.....what you see for real that is's passed the point of being able to choose whether or not you are able and or capable of in fact in living your capability within and as your response ability...where responsibility is a loving action...where the physical actions are compassionately careful in nature as sharing is caring, a nurturing nourishment if you will. 

How have I been living freedom in the western world?  free to follow my desire that exists within my emotion/feeling predisposition as like giving all my attention to following along withing and as my train of thoughts....boarding and reboarding my thought trains when and as I feel like it...because the emotion and feeling act like the moral compass as the ultimate deciding factor as to how much I am interested in something is that buzz of the emotion and or feeling energy about the point...You my focus is in relationship to my energy....the memory relationships I have created in relationship to specific experiences as events therefore shaping and dictating my future governing of myself here. 

Isn't it interesting how specific events in history or perpetuating as landmark significance...and even celebrated on a yearly like to encourage a remembering and systematic upgrade coding and programming structure of perspective of how things are accepted and allowed to exist.

Isn't it interesting to actually investigate the very nature of our individual acceptances and allowances?

Isn't it interesting to see that our "programmed" self interest has been based on and in our mind consciousness freedom...where we as a mind consciousness system were free to choose....or shall I say free to believe in the thinking we have choice and freedom in particular like to believe that we exist here beyond the makeup of our information coding and actually dismissing the very facts of our acceptances and allowances that we fear to face about the history of self an individual story that is collectively shared in various capacities...because each is a contributing player in and as the overall creation/structure here.

More Irony in relationship to Freedom....Nothing in this world is free.....funny statement here....because nothing is nothing...and this world is everything/everyone....and free is also a synonym of nothing...sharing/denoting the same value of zero in regard/relationship to money.

So this fighting for freedom has been like the destruction of life value and regard.  Freedom is such a word of abuse....does it really even need to exist....arguably one of the most abusive words to exist.....I mean really can greatness be practically lived when and as Freedom exists?  Well, I say No. Why? Look at the physical functioning of our body parts....does freedom exist ....responsibility exists in replace of's like being dumb is a choice and this is where the whole "freedom debacle" originated's really a result of the information/education we bought's like placing the value and regard outside of ourselves as a result of not realizing and understanding the extent of ourselves here and therefore our very mirrored reflections...self reflections have been negated and we have most unfortunately done harm unto ourselves and each other here.

Enough is enough....end the freedom brigade and take responsibility for the world system in which you are a part of....join the system and therefore empower yourself as actually being able to direct problems into solutions that are best....I mean this is real alchemy...where you can actually practically change the physical structure of the systems here to that which is best.

How we change our accountability and our actually grounding responsibility here within and as our practical living realization of words as the seeing for real what has always been here....this is in fact our awareness.

To Be Continued

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