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Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 689 - Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential

1. "Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential". (The Desteni of Living - A Declaration of Principles)

This point here I have come to see and realize as a point of that there is the potential for a constant and continuous refinement of ability here....where on a daily basis, one is playing/working with the basics and seeing how to better oneself in a constant and continuous learning in this regard the 'Realization and Living of My Utmost Potential' has been a growing and expanding point. Growing and I give myself access to potential.

What I have learned about myself thus far is that Realizing and Living my Utmost Potential is a work and play in progress...Meaning that this is something that I am working and playing with....and I will continue to work and play with....This is a primary principle that will remain within me indefinitely.

This primary principle here, is an opening up of awareness if you like there is an openness in receptiveness to see for real what is here. Seeing the acceptances and allowances that are here isn't always a pleasant experience....Well, it is really pleasant....when you consider and regard the fact...that, "Hey I am seeing and realizing something that I wasn't noticing in that new seeing....there is in fact a gift...and really this is pleasant...because, now the opportunity exists for actual living action....from beyond reaction into in fact actual a self directive initiative takes and as the molding and shaping of and as substantiated self-responsibility as the developed ability in and as self-mobility as how to live the self-expression of and as the words we are....the principles you will into being, as the "who I am" the definition in what I stand for and as.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the simplicity in and as the 'realization and living of my utmost potential' as daily self-commitment to the basics...where I am constantly and continuously committed to perfection within the basics....and am always looking for ways to expand development within and as the basics.

I realize and understand the commitment required to practically working and playing with the basics.

I commit myself to the self-enjoyment of the Basics within and as my day to day living.

I realize self-honesty in working and playing with the Basics here.

I commit myself to keeping self-mastery simple in application as the realization of sticking to the Basics....where Self-Honesty is Key.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having complicated things within my life as a result of not sticking to the Basics...which I realize is a result of self-dishonesty....which is the neglect of taking action on the self-honesty that exists here.

I see and realize self-honesty here.

I see and realize if I do not direct self-honestly than that is a choice to exist as self-dishonesty...which is an indication of being out of alignment with the practical living application of the word play "responsibility" where one has and knows how to exercise the best response ability in and as the movement here...based in and as the looking/realizing what is here self-honestly and making an assessment and a committed action from within and as the starting point of 'Self-Trust'...where one gives oneself permission to move/create for real...beyond the confinements of doubt and fear.

I commit myself to the responsibility that exists in the realization and understanding of self-honesty in application existing here beyond the confinements of doubt and fear....where and as 'Self-Trust' is a commitment that gives one-self permission to live the realization of utmost potential in the moment.

I realize the basics to exist as:

Self-Honesty - To see and realize what is being accepted and allowed here....and also, to see and realize what is in fact best for all Life here.

Self-Forgiveness - is the gift giving of self-responsibility in taking accountability for one's acceptances and allowances...and making sure that the structural alignment of what you accept and allow is from the starting point principle of 'Oneness and equality'. Self-forgiveness is also an Equalization point...where one actually pieces oneself back together...where the accepted and allowed separation is till here no further.

Self-Trust - is the commitment to actually move and apply oneself here...basically putting oneself into application as the dare to care in playing and working with what is here. Obviously there is an interconnectedness with self-honesty here. The application of self-trust over time becomes the outflow of common sense mathematics....realizing and living the basic principles of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and self-trust.

Self-Commitment - Is the common sense mathematics of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-trust...where you in fact see the realization and living of your utmost potential...and You therefore commit yourself to practical living Greatness as who you are. Obviously the practical living of Greatness is self-substantiated over the result of constant and consistent application of the realization of the Basic principle fundamentals here.

Self-Here - You are practical living Greatness that has been self-substantiated over time as a result of and as the constant and consistent application of self-perfecting the Basic principles Here.

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