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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Day 690 - What's Best for All: Guiding Me in Thought, Word and Deed

2. Living by the principle of what is best for all - guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all. (The Desteni of Living - Declaration of Principles)

This is such a simple point...yet, what I noticed is that it is a point that I had neglected in many instances...because this very attitude and outlook was in direct conflict with my emotional disposition. My thoughts words and deeds did not actually exist in alignment with such a principle.

Regarding such a simplistic, common sense point is cool self-support. My life has changed as a result. Or is it more that I am opening myself up as Life here for real. To actually really live and regard myself and all Life here. 

I would say this is a point that is a work in progress for me as I am playing and working with the point here. I say a work in progress because everyday I am tested in my application of myself here...and I say I am tested, because I face movement within my mind as energetic reactions...where I require to take a split second and actually discern what is in fact best for's not completely automatic...I am substantiating my consistency here as I create myself here as a Living Solution that is best for all.

What is fascinating about this substantiating of my consistency as I create myself here as a Living Solution that is best for all....Is, the fact that I am working my way through the questions that exist within myself...and I am doing this by playing with the answers that I see are here I say is a play...and the work is in the question....because I am a student of my mind at this like I am learning to understand the capacity and potential of my mind...and so I find myself here working and playing as like a complimentary relationship within and as the interconnectedness of questions and answers. The funny thing is, I realize and understand myself as the solution here which is like the trinity of and as "the question, the answer and the solution".  However, I see that I am in the process of self-perfection because I committed to working and playing with my application of What's Best for All.

I very much enjoy the process of working and playing with my self-development here. 

What I find very interesting is how much appreciation I have for playing and working with very basic simplistic points of application.

I see and realize profound greatness to exist within and as mastery of very basic simplistic points of application.

Taking on the point of what's Best for All, is a question, answer in and of itself.

I have realized this,
I am enjoying this,
I am perfecting this,
I am here as this.

What I find interesting is that I am so committed to the basics that I am so content in remaining within and as a constant working and playing here.

As a result of standing within and as the question the answer and the solution..."What's Best for All"

I have developed a level of regard for myself and other's I previously was not familiar with.

I am committed to Living by the principle of What is Best for All - Guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome.

A few notes of interest I would like to jot down here:

Everyone is a problem solver.
Everyone is a Creator.
We create through and as our Questions.
Our problems are the first point in the creation process...because this is where direction and initiative takes form.
By regarding the questions/problems that exist we open up the second phase of our creation process which is in and as the answers...which is a cool work and play with our creativity here. 
See our answers here can be physically substantiated as being the physical building phase of creation.
Commitment is paramount within the creation process.
Commitment exists in many important ways. Specifically what I would like to bring attention to is the "regard" in relationship to commitment. Commitment is like the substantiating of regard...or if you will, regard is the substantiating of commitment. Commitment within the context of principle, What's best for All.

To Be Continued

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