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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Day 749 - Word Recognition Continuation

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Continuing from my previous post:

"So, what I would like to reiterate in this sharing here today, is the point that often times, there is a particular moment of reactionary impulsing to particular language that is used...and this is often reflected back to us or another in and as our communication. And within being perceptive to such instances. there is tremendous potential that is possible to open up in and as the moment. Here comes a point of self-honesty in and as the moment of sharing and looking and seeing, and somewhat daring to actually stop and look at what is here to investigate. I have noticed that in many instances, I was some what reluctant to actually stop and bring attention to the word in question that would come up in a moment as like a point of dissonance within myself or the person I was communicating with."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a reluctance within myself to actually opening up particular words within myself as points that require my attention as a remediation required to harmonize the dissonance within and as my particular relationship with the as to stop myself from accepting and allowing less than what is best as the Word...and to from within and as this regard, effectively empower myself as the Living Word Solution Here as that which is all ways always Best.

I realize and understand the process here of stopping it is is within the stopping myself, that I am able to actually look within myself and see what it is I have been accepting and allowing myself to participate within. As I give myself the opportunity to look and see what is going on as a result of first stopping, and then identifying the points within myself with specific word recognition, I am from Here able to expand myself and unlock my potential in so many ways. This Here is a structured process of specificity in unlocking self-imposed restraints as word/world relations that are less than what is best.

I commit myself to the specificity in unlocking self-imposed restraints as word/world relations that are less than what is best

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