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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Day 748 - Word Recognition and Exploration

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It's fascinating to examine the specifics of our communication. Like for instance, when sharing words with another here, often times, we will pick up...or the other will focus in on a particular "word" within the exchange of many words. By giving attention to the particular word of interest...I have noticed that much potential is possible.

What I mean here, is really taking the time to elaborate and go into the various points of fascination that open up in our communications. Like specifically and for instance, in a most recent text messaging conversation i had.....I had shared many many points with a distant friend/associate....and of all the things i had shared...there was one point that came up as like somewhat of a consumption and a preoccupation. Which is interesting in and of itself, because the question opens up, as to, how often is it that, we are unable to actually practically work with information effectively here?

I mean this is somewhat reflective to the way in which our world exists here. World and Words....notice the paralleled similarities here...I mean in the spelling and the sounding here....Word and closely related in relativity these point are. I mean our words make up the world so to speak as how we speak things a reflection of our action...words in action make up our physical movement...the parts...the mechanics to and as the specifics of and as our motion. The movement and doing as our response abilities much so as our capabilities here to exercise in and as our daily expressed/lived actions.

So, what I would like to reiterate in this sharing here today, is the point that often times, there is a particular moment of reactionary impulsing to particular language that is used...and this is often reflected back to us or another in and as our communication. And within being perceptive to such instances. there is tremendous potential that is possible to open up in and as the moment. Here comes a point of self-honesty in and as the moment of sharing and looking and seeing, and somewhat daring to actually stop and look at what is here to investigate. I have noticed that in many instances, i was some what reluctant to actually stop and bring attention to the word in question that would come up in a moment as like a point of dissonance within myself or the person I was communicating with.

What i have found to be really that by actually give care to this point...where there is a real sense of regard for the starting point of sharing as caring...and opening up such an instance as an expression and sharing of myself in a way that is cool....because I am giving from and as the principle starting point of "Give as I would like to receive"...and what I have learned within and as this Regard for myself and others is that the development potential that opens up is Awesome in many profoundly unexpected ways. You see, I see....that by making the effort here in and as particular Word recognition, we bridge the gap in and as our communication...and so it's like an enhance of the harmony between parties as like the flow of musical notes as the words we speak to one another being a complimentary aid of assistance and support in all ways Best.

I mean, if you really, really think about words,..Like really really look and see and the movement that comes up in and as how particular words are used and is really really the truth of and as our substance here....I mean...the words are very much in and as the make up tuning of and as the law of and as how and why we are being here. Interesting, isn't it?


  1. YES!

    It's ironically comical that we forget Our Song and Dance at times....While all the while being within a very particular Song and Dance...which, when closer examined within and as our self-honesty can be ridiculously silly to See as like a, "oh wow moment.. i had no idea i was singing and dancing like that....hahaha that's so ridiculous....lololol".

    The Fun in Funny is a profound learning tool of support....because Learning is Fun and a good laugh is like the stand tall posture of a giraffe....where we embrace the post we are as the posture and See clear within and as our Standing up within ourselves.

    I find it is Interesting to examine the accepted and allowed posture to see what our positioning is within in as our moment of Dance/Song. I regard this as Waltzing because we open up within ourselves and direct to a closed position where we can actually harness the power of our pivot our natural reflex response abilities...which showcases our power when and as we direct our self movement from a starting point of mechanically correct sound movement....which is the natural ability....a sort of athletic motion....the song and dance as the effortless flow of harnessing and directing the creation/expression of our Potential Moment and Present.