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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 746 - Supple Play Works

Take a Moment to work and play Here with Supple:

"Supple" is the ease of movement which is Graceful. Bending and Flexibility.

When you Look at Supple...there is a sort of Supply to It.,,Isn't there? Like if you are not supple than you're ability to apply responsibility is rather limited, isn't it

What about the supplement within and as supple...or rather the Supple within and as Supplement?

With these regards and considerations is it Seen that the ease of movement which is graceful is a rather complimentary act...and self-responsibility if you will....a sort of glad to be of service approach....whether the service is self-service or other as the service of another this regard....Isn't the service of self always all ways to be regarded here?  I mean, really who else is Here, other than Self? All of ourselves here.....all of our cells here....all the individualized parts of self here.

Supplement like the add in point...the play in the move as the natural way not such a forcefulness but more of a grace.

There is a tremendous amount of effort within and as Supple quickness...It is very focused and specific...and so there is a grace about the movement and motions...however, excellency within and as such supple quickness in application is a result of Practiced Efforts...and so the powerful practice efforts appear to be effortless as the grace about them...but the truth of the matter much work goes into that which is seen as walking for instance....all of us who can walk now, spent a long while practicing it before we perfected it...and there was a constant and consistent everyday effort that went into the mastery of walking....

I commit myself to the utilizing the words Supple and Quickness as process points of support and assistance in aiding in my development and substantiation of response abilities that are great.

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