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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 747 - How In Secure Are You?

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Secure or In Secure?

What is the difference if you are Secure or Insecure?

The spelling?  The Cure? The with In or the Without? The Cure Status? How You See the Cure?
The relationship with placement? Security Relations? The tie to Safety?

To be Secure, must You also Be Insecure?

To be Insecure, must You also be Secure?

Have You ever noticed the need for Security? Was the need for Security a solution to a problem that was presented?  Did the problem exist before it was presented?

Have You ever Noticed the Insecurity Narrative within the Need for Security?

Does Security/Insecurity propagate/perpetuate the existence of One Another?

How does the Media/Government/Law Make Rules a Measure of National Security? Is it the Acceptance and Allowance of Insecurity?

ARE/OUR Colors Like Words, Meaning our/are Ability to Live/Draw/Express/Know/Be specific in action related to Inaction?  To further or closer specify, the Nature of Knowing the like the effective functionality of a Word. Do You See/Seed Words in relationship to all other words? Is this like for Instance a Color being a makeup reflection of actually every other color...but is presented as the one that is not like the only One...Meaning that the individual make up of each color/word is a reflection of Everything Here?

I find it most fascinating to look at the polarity relationship of things here...because it is in the Seeing and Seeding of things as they are, that we are able to specifically creatively cultivate the Best Here as the science of Awesome in always Here as the practical working/playing Investigation of understanding Ourselves Here within and as Everything...and so to sew it so as to the ways that are best, Contributing to the advancement of Gift Giving the Best physically structured Sound Self-Support for Everyone Here. This is the Key to the Manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

The Irony, that ironically enough comes to mind from time to time is the Fee in Fear as our charged and credited payment that is insecure as our protected and Secure investment and self-interest that originates in the law of our binding word relationships as how we have agreed to Pay for Attention on what we Credit as Worthwhile whether it is really Good or Bad. The feeling and or Emotion that is energetically charged is in all ways ironically irrelevant, no matter how we make believe the relevance to be. Interesting isn't it, that we are the gate keep of our ability to respond and direct the opening up of situation that is best for Everyone as a self-appointed Authority on the Ownership of Living Expression as the Best Living Actions....?!!?!??!

To Be Continued :)

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