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Friday, 10 October 2014

Day 662 - Habit Change and Routine

I've been investigating the point of "habit" and "routine".  I've noticed an interesting thing within these investigations. Making an adjustment to a habit and routine...can carry over into influencing other areas of your life. Meaning that by adjusting a habit/routine with regards to one particular point...may actually have profound impact on assisting and supporting other areas of your, a fine tuning adjusting one area of automatically are re-aligning/fine-tuning other areas of's like, see/regard yourself as a musical instrument...and consider that by adjusting your particular playing ability....You change the overall nature of the game for an expansion and increase in effectiveness occurs as a ripple effect...if you will...

So, the point of this blog here,....Is to open up the point....that,....making small...seemingly insignificant change within your daily routines....can have significantly profound results.

Obviously, the reverse is also true here.  By struggling with complications/problems/stress in one area of your life....this can cause a ripple effect...into a consequentially negative impact into other areas of your life.  Take a couple of examples here.....stress/problems at work....carrying over into personal relationship issues. Or financial issues...impacting marital issues. Or, for example....neglecting to make the bed in the morning and keeping the bedroom tidy...carrying over into and influencing the effectiveness within and as the structured organization of one's work/business. I've personally noticed a parallel with a messy room and a messy mind.

I've noticed/realized I am most effective within tasks/activities when I create specific structured routines and habits for myself. I am able to be most effective within this approach because I create a "in the zone" space for myself to move within. What is interesting about this "in the zone" space is that I move myself to exist beyond having the time to think so much and stew within thoughts/feelings/emotions.  See it's interesting here, because, by not giving the time and attention to wander within thought/feeling/emotion as I participant within events/ awareness within my immediate physical environment and participation is heightened.  Within seemingly short tasks that may take only a matter of remaining committed to the task at hand I am performing said tasks fractions of seconds faster...and in some particular instances...many seconds faster. Now, a few seconds saved here and there might not seem like a lot...but, when you consider that our whole day is structured within the time frame of a matter of is apparent that every second counts in doing the math in accumulating all the seconds within our 24 hour day.

To Be Continued

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