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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day 660 - What have I already Created Unknowingly?

I suggest also reading the blog I am attaching here: "How I've changed since re-defining the word Daring"

What I have found interesting within taking Responsibility for myself here is specifically facing my acceptances and allowances.

To really look at acceptances and allowances and learn from acceptances and allowances that are obvious the first step in moving into the next step of self-correcting such acceptances and allowances.

Now, this can very easily be regarded as a "Dare"...because of the way in which we have actually "created" our 'acceptances and allowances' in the first place.  This is actually quite interesting because to face Your acceptances and allowances and actually change/correct/remove acceptances and allowances that you realize are not in fact cool is a process...that is somewhat difficult from the perspective....that you have "created this sort of 'energy wall' that keeps you contained from expanding outward...a form of 'in the box mind control' that was self-induced through one's reactionary energetic outflows.

See, within actually daring to face our acceptances and allowances as the points of resistance that contains us from participating in ways that we actually see as being cool.....we see/learn/understand how not to create what a self-induced prison it is to build up an energetic containment structured in the spectrum of emotion and feeling which can also be regarded as various types/forms of "Fear".

Fear being the debt and bond we created as our being bond/bound in servitude like this totally ridiculously bogus contractual agreement we created for ourself as a result of and as how we have participated in creating/defining our acceptances and allowances here.

Interesting thing that passively accepting and allowing the physical structure of ourselves here as negating to correct/respond to our automated reactionary behavior., that we have created a compounding debt upon ourselves here....making the ability to actually express ourselves...."seemingly" increasingly more difficult...due to the continuous buying into what has been accepted and allowed within oneself.

See, it's difficult to let go and free oneself from one's own confinement because we have become so uses to existed within and as our own prison confinement as our mind/body relationship...that getting out of our own debt/prison is scary/fearful.....because this is all that we in fact know....and so going into the unknown is intimidating....because we created our known reality through and how we reacted...which is actually the total opposite of what is means to have really actually created for real.

See, having "reacted" is to having made a mistake...and missed an opportunity to have actually "created"...

"When we React, We miss the point of How it is in Fact We can Create"

"To create for Life is to know and understand the difference from what it means to React"

"We cannot Create when we are in a state of Reaction"

"See the difference between CREATION and REACTION"

"See Our Ability to in fact Live CREATION, Stems from Our Ability to first Stop and Direct our REACTION....Because this is in fact the first Act of Creation...The Taking Responsibility for our Mistake....Our Acting Out....Because to React is to Mistaking Act in A way that is less than Responsible....Because to Live as Response-Able is to Be able to Respond in the Best possible ways that exist beyond the conflict/friction/debt/restraint of a Reactionary movement"

So we stop perpetuating our Fear/Debt/Restraint/Mistaken Acceptances and Allowances by Daring to question/examine/Correct/Direct the Nature of Our Life Here

To Be Continued

The Fuck Up of Creation is to have Reaction instead of Creation....which is a misalignment...the reversal of what it actually means to "make it happen for Life"

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  1. I see that my writing's can continue to unfold the Creation point. As I write and share, I open up more and more opportunity and potential possibility here, I see this is in fact the process we are walking as the journey to life in all aspects of practical living application here....Meaning the More we Move/Create/Make it Happen/Work/Express/Write/Tall/Play, the more we create support and assistance in the unfolding of the process we are directly responsible for the flow of the go here....because in seeing how we create/weather the storms of at the same time seeing how we make the transition from consciousness into awareness...and actually beging to really live in physical a real being here that know how to express and isnt afraid to live the knowing and share/stand as the example of knowing how to effectively play/work here in a most Response Able all ways...always best for All Life here as the seeing/realizing Ourself as the Epitome of Creation within and as the principle/law Oneness and Equality