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Monday, 15 August 2016

Day 777 - The Ink in my Thinking as Personified Television - Channel Surfing (2)

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I've come to notice that my everyday movement within actually doing things is tainted to an extent with the amount of time i spend within my mind thinking about things.  It's not that I don't do anything, it's that I've come to recognize that I would like to stop needlessly flipping the channels.

What I mean by 'flipping the channels', is just kind of going down the rabbit hole in thought....where it's like you can go on endlessly man.

Also, I really enjoy physical activity, and channel surfing....moving in the mind is like as far away as it gets from Legit physical activty..  I mean moving in the mind is connected to physical activity, because the body and mind are connected, but it's more of a reactionary response.

What is the experience of flipping channels...moving through thoughts?

Looking for more.

Why does this happen?

The more attention/energy you give to it, the more you create your own momentum....a sort of mind momentum.

How do I stop myself from the momentum of my mind movement and addiction to channel surfing?

-One breath at a time.
-The breath is the best way to slow oneself down and stop mind/energetic movement within the body.
-Self-forgiveness is a tried tested and true tool that works in the deconstruction of the specifics of layered physical body mind energy constructions.
-It's all about our words
-Purifying our vocabulary, (cleaning the pollution out of the water that exists within ourselves as our water is the holder of sound....and when our words are glossed in various shades of energetic coating, as like degrees of separation and disconnection from the source of ourselves as all life here...we are marginalizing our effectiveness within our everyday lives.)
-Fine tuning and specifying our Living Words.
-The Who/How/What am I Doing Here Questions to support Directions as our practical living Words as our Instructions and Expressions.

It's comical to actually look and not do what it is you would like to do.  You know, to keep looking at what it is you would like and not do it.   Like to obsessively look without really checking out the points of interest for real, as like to actually move within the points to actually make a further deduction, experiment, discovery. Our creation potential is within and as our ability to look and play and work with what is's like our looking is the way in which we read information....and our action is a reflection of how we put our information into application.

Whether we like it or not...which is a form of irony in and of itself.....we are all great composers....Life is a musical of sorts and we are always composing shit.  Shit gets complicated when when we misinform ourselves about our for instance, being deceptive about the quality of our Information....the integrity of our Relationships here. And to look at the matters simply here, Is simply a matter of Word Regard...and Everyone coming to terms...So all Our Information here is a balanced Sound Equation rooted in common know,.....kind of like a piano, in that each sound/key is specifically what it is.  A sound structured alignment.  In-Tune.

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