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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Day 782 - Learning - Relationship Awareness

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Some cool Insights here:

It is possible to get tremendous insight from someone who is not well versed in the technical mechanics and advanced vocabulary of a subject you are well versed and studied within. Here exists a tremendous opportunity that is often over looked, in favor or 'professional' opinion.   See, everyone has a natural learning ability and has the grounding basis of common sense reasoning with them.  You know, the point of "keep it simple".

I had a first hand experience with opening up and regarding the input of others who i may have previously disregarded because they didn't fit the 'pro' status and necessary accreditation i've been conditioned and accustomed to seeking out as a point of Authority to validate and reason about a sense of clarity within myself.   Ironically, the waters within myself as the information about the particulars of a point often become more muddied within seeking out the info from the 'pro'.

Note: my example i am going into here, is in specific relationship to golf....however it can be reflected and regarded in many different relationships and activities. Note, I am not dismissing the practical support in seeking a professionals opinion in whatever field you are investigating.  I am moreover, bringing awareness to the 'flip side' of the same coin....the support of the 'amateur'.

So for instance, with Golf as an example here:  It is a common thing to get one's own swing rather discombobulated within the process of "trying/wanting to fix it".  The irony and kicker here is of course, not realizing and understanding the mechanics of one's patterned conditioned behavior. The awareness of one's movement. Meaning, the input and the output.  When I accept and allow myself to do this, the resulting outflow is this. When you understand how to do something, you can also, equally understand how to do something else.  However it can be extremely frustrating, and massively irritating when You do not take the time to understand what you are doing (accepting and allowing)....but at the same time you have defined it as a problem/bad/wrong....and you want to fix/correct it.  See, how can you correct something that you don't know what it is? Funny isn't it?  Here we have the frame work into structuring our plans/goals/wants/desires. The Creation recipe book in a way. 

See, it's within and as our understanding of what we got/have that we are able to create new complimentary additions for ourselves and others here. The Fine tuning of our movements/relationships here, enables us to work and play with the development of our best results.  It's like a a regard for stretching into our potential.  See, improvement is made with regard for little movements. The awareness here for both the big and the small.  The big movement is a result of many small points in motion. Take walking as an example.  It's something we can easily do. We learned it through playing/working on it, and balancing ourselves out within the process, where we had to become aware of all of our stabilizing know, our equilibrium. "Our Feels"...the physical feels of our physical movements here.

To Be Continued

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