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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Day 772 - Life is a StandUp Comedy

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It's funny you know, when you really get something, like you totally got it. I mean it's that moment of aha that can turn into a real hahahaha ohhh man that's funny, that's rich, that's just so great. pure gold. So money.

See, our lives are like an ever evolving learning process of self-expansion and recognition here, and we are all ways the butt of the joke. I mean we are the source of it all. We are in the house of mirrors and everything exists within ourselves and is mirrored outward as our external reality.

It's interesting to see, when we go for prolonged amounts of time without any relief... I mean, like, just perpetuating a build up of our own self-induced stress that we blame and judge and really believe it's all out there, outside of ourselves. So in a lot of ways, this is not so funny...and that is precisely the point....the knot in the funny....the knot in the fun, because we are too tightly wound, taking ourselves way to seriously, not recognizing the jokes, the points, the learning lessons, the mistakes, the problems and the solutions.

See, it's interesting; Self-honesty through accepting and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with ourselves here,...our self-in-to-me-I-see...our self-intimacy, the taking the time to look, to care, to in fact recognize the bits of things that are happening within ourselves here.

See, these 'bits' are the jokes....and it's interesting, because everybody has so many bits here, I mean, we are always working with bits of information, and so much so it's in these moments of working with information...and there's a plethora of ways in which this is so...the amounts of varying relationship dynamics is tremendous.  The jokes, the fun, the funny, is the balancing act of not taking ourselves too seriously within and as the work we are engaged within, because we are at work all the time so to speak...our very design is as a working body here,  i mean our body doesnt take a vacation every few days,.., it's an all the time thing.

So, in having some laughs while we work, while we share, while we converse, while we play, we allow ourselves to learn and grow...we are creating a natural learning environment for ouselves within ourselves by allowing ourselves to recognize our accepted and allowed moments of ridiculousness. I mean wow, if we really have a's like so often we are missing out on the fun and the funny because we are not being self-honest with ourselves here. Faking to be cool when in fact that isn't really cool.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to play it cool when shit is not all cool.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating a too prolonged build up within myself without getting to the punch line, the joke recognition, seeing the ridiculousness that i have accepted and allowed.

I realize it's kind of funny to exist as a living joke and to within and as the joke, forget that,.. Tag, I am It.  Like, oh shit, i totally forgot what the fuck i was doing.....what i have been doing....oh man...fuck.  Looking back at my set, as my acceptances and allowances that are ridiculously unacceptable it's like wow talk about bombing. Wait no, don't say bomb if you are being recorded....oh shit is this blog being recorded....lolol.  But seriously, butt butt butt...we are the shit....the whole spectrum of it, it's like we got a giant ball of shit here, the planet and it's a matter of shit management, i mean shit, take a regard of the fact that if you dont move the shit through your body on a regular basis, you are going to fucking die,...maybe through explosion, maybe not.  Point being here, is that I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget that I am always working and playing with a bit of some sorts, because that's the standup comdey life process here.

I realize it isn't to say, we must deliberate be fuckup's in order to be funny and have that would be dumb. Everyone is already a fuckup, Obviously myself included.  It's to self-honestly allow ourselves to recognize our weakness and to turn them into strengths, and to allow ourselves to play with these points of self-development.  Allowing ourselves to be cool in walking a point of weakness into a strength. Allowing ourselves to enjoy the journey/ride/adveneture within and as our natural learning abilities here.

It's funny,

When we allow ourselves to be too hard on ourselves,

It's like we are deliberately creating a Hard-On within our minds,

You know,

A throbbing erection to mind fuck the shit out of ourselves with...

and it's like,

every time we allow ourselves to be hard on ourselves about something, it's like we are creating a new big dick inside ourselves,

as another big dick example to fuck ourselves with.

Excuse my Dick humor here,

I'm just dicking around.

Because you know,

it's kind of funny,

I mean realizing the extent to which we fuck ourselves is tragic,

Tragic comedy,

A divine comedy if you will,

because there is so much learning in store,

I mean we are all such a wealth of storage...

and it just so happens that sharing our realizations has the capacity to be both fun and funny.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold back on showing myself the funny here, as the moments/points of ridiculousness that i have accepted and allowed.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget to look at the ridiculousness of myself within my acceptances and allowances as the source of funny.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to surpress the fun and funny I have within myself that is at the core of my being here.  I realize and understand that the fun and the funny are here for everyone, we are all a part of it, and it is in fact best shared as like we are each the story teller, and what's cool about a good story is the fun and the funny along the way.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to take it easy within recognizing difficult things i have accepted and allowed.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for choosing to create a fearful frame of mind when i am faced with points that are challenging.  I realize that is ridiculousness, because going into a a fearful mind state when things are difficult and unfamiliar, does not really assist and support oneself to move with a sort of effortless ease as the presentation of our in fact developed response abilities as the ways in which we are skilled and versed in movement.

I commit myself to sharing my process of life standup comedy.

I commit myself to encouraging others to share their life process of standup comedy.

I commit myself to share points of relationship that are easily relate-able, so that the fun and funny can be had by all.

I commit myself to educating through sharing stories/jokes of trials and tribulations.

I commit myself educating myself about others by being interested in listening to their stories of trials and tribulations.

I commit myself to being open minded.

When and as I see myself having difficulty communicating with someone, I stop and breathe, I have a giggle as I recognize I have been fucking myself unintentionally....which is pretty ridiculous....i mean to fuck yourself and not realize how you are fucking yourself is pretty fucking questionable...I mean what the fuck is going on!  SO, i recognize the specifics of the mind fuck, and I forgive myself and correct the discrepancy within myself as the point of conflict/friction/blockage that i had been brewing/building within myself.  I let it go.  I open up my ability to relate here. I see for real what is here,  I allow myself to return into and as flow here, by being completely open and at ease within myself here.

I commit myself to being a pillar of support in communicating with others.

I commit myself to gratitude within and as the process sharing of words here.

I commit myself to many daily word exchanges.

I commit myself to treasuring each and every word exchange.

I realize word exchanges are kind of like the stock exchanges...because words are instruments here of tremendous value.

I commit myself to cherishing my words and the words of others.

I commit myself to see the assistance and support in words always all ways.

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  1. Awesome Mike... had a good needed laugh reading this.