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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Day 760 - Restricted Flow of Money as Central Banking and Bitcoin


I think the way in which central banking exists is total bullshit.  The strangle hold that exists within and around the movement of money in this world is a disgraceful disregard and abdication of Life regard and recognition.  This I see is a reflection of our our collective individual acceptances and allowances as a reflection of our worth or lack there of worth.

Note:  this posting here today is to stimulate/instigate further investigation/thought into the matters presented here.

I think bitcoin has some cool points:

Its peer to peer.

You can exchange it for fiat money.

It makes the flow of money much easier.

You can be your own bank so to speak from the perspective of buying and selling.

The network is powered by people throughout the world. Its decentralized.

its regarded as a digital currency, you can use it with a cellphone.

Uganda is a cool example of how many poor people are using it to receive bitcoin from people across the world...without going through traditional remittance services that have very high fees.

It opens up possibility as a sort of world currency.

It doesnt have the delays of days in which it takes to send money through the central banking system, nor the high costs.

It showcases the point and potential of majority rule as it is only works through peoples participation.

It stimulates questions into understanding how central banking and the current money system exist.

There is a public ledger, so a point of transparency which is cool. See the blockchain.

Theres a point of ownership and self-authorship as self responsibility for managing/storing ones wealth.

It does not operate on credit.

Its design is to appreciate in value over time. Money as it exisits today is less valuable than it get less and less as days go by/buy.

It encourages the point of savings as a result of appreciation...which has the potential to change nature and perspectives on human i see it aiding in the quality of product creations...because right now as a result of the way fiat money exists, we have planned obsolescence.

Everyone benefits from the mining of bitcoin, as its a public network...eventually i see this moving to a point of universal empowerment from the perspective that the internet censorship is not so vulnerable to manipulation controls, because all computers, phones, will power the internet as a point and platform of open source technology to the benefit of everyone.

Understanding the blockchain technology and how the internet exists...opens up a magnitude of potential for moving information around has the potential to aid in the sharing protection and stability of everything. Its potential applications are seemingly limitless. It opens up discussion in showcasing a universal collective network that transcends all boarders.

There really is so much to it...and to put it simply it is rooted in the point of openness and transparency.

A fascinating consideration ive heard from many techy peeps / computer programmers, is that bitcoin right now is like the internet in the early 90"s when people questioned the Internets usability and thought maybe its only useful for sending emails. Another example is kodak film...from the perspective that the company some years ago didn't think digital photography was anything worth getting involved in...kodak film went bankrupt some years later because they were resistant to considering new ways of doing things. How many digital photos have taken? We live in a digital age in a lot of ways...and there are a lot of cool applications that can be of the betterment of all here. Bitcoin as a digital currency is just one of the many applications possible. Seeing things through the mind that do not yet seemingly exist can be mindfuck in and of trying to imagine a color that you do not know. Questions are key in unlocking the potential here.

Bitcoin like so many things here is a cool point of questioning that relates to much self reflection here.

Here;s a question and a statement: what if the world of finance is operating/working/playing out in a way that is a constant and consistent balancing act of equilibrium in a way that is best for all...the moment to moment movement is key in and as the flow distribution giving and receiving which is really the reality epitome of self forgiveness as love made viable/visible?!?!

 The "making of money" within and as how things exist now is so much so the art of war...the manifestation of separation, constantly and consistently perpetuating dissonance as our information relationship definitions....evolving and upgrading the rules of law/war as the reactionary playout monopolizing/monetizing the profits and prophets of all Life/Labor here. Everyone is a television/satellite/antenna sound system..uprooted from a ground sound the flow of the go forward as what is best is in and as redefinition and living of words, as each here is a one in the collection and accounting for everyone. Obviously, self responsibility starts and stems from the core of our being here as the best structurally sound manifestations. Word thought and deed all count in the accounting of what is best for all. Investigate all things and keep what is good.


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