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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Day 647 Response Ability and Our Action

I find it fascinating to see how throughout my life, much of my behaviour has happened as a result of my thought/feeling/emotion associations.

As I have investigated my thoughts/feelings/emotions, I've come to understand Re-Actions.  What is so interesting I see here is how quickly associated Reactions are with thoughts/feelings/emotions. It's like an immediate consequence being presented to yourself as a a gift to see the error/mistake/misstep. What is fascinating within this process I see here, is the compounding interest within moments of Reaction...where, If a Moment of Reaction is not Realized and Corrected within and as a point of Accountability, as the act of taking Responsibility for the particular misalignment/mistake/inappropriate conduct....the Energy as the Starting Point Reaction Compounds and continues to brew....which is quite tragic...and thus a harder lesson to learn because it is not as immediate and as swift as an immediate aha I see, I here all is clear...

So, My sharing here about learning from reaction leads to our creative ability to exercise living physical action/activity.

Life is Physical Activity.

It's Interesting to regard our general movement/expression as Physical Activity.

It's Interesting to See Here how We Live in a Time Where there is So much Emphasis on the Need/Importance for Physical Activity!

It's Like there is So much Mental Activity and So Little Physical so Often Our Mentality is limiting our Stance and Balance Here within and as our Response Abilities as the expressions of Physical Activity.

What I find interesting about our Mental Activity influencing our Stance and Balance here as our Response the fact that the fear of Falling/Failure/Mistakes, Keeps/Prevents us from Living/Expressing Physical Action as Our Life Response Ability Here.

What does this really mean?

Self-Direction, meaning our specific willing ability to move ourselves from within a starting point of Life Oneness and Equality as the Self-Realization of and as Our Life Being Here One and Equal with Our Body and Mind.

However, as the tragic comedy here, as the really bad joke, Our inability to move in many Actually Taking Self Responsibility for Our Life in Every the Consequence of Fearing Consequence.

The Consequence of Fearing Consequence...This is the Mind Fuck....Like trying to prevent failure by failing to even Participate/Move/Act/Live Here.

This is quite Ironic. Really.


In order to be Constant and Consistent in Our  Physical Movement Here, We Require to Understand that We as Individuals Here are the Decision...

What is helpful within Seeing the Decision in Every Moment Here is that We either Exercise Our Response Able Body as the Understanding of Self-Love and Care, as Physical Living Action...........Or....We negate our Responsibility and Learn through the Compounding Interest of Our Consequences.

What is interesting that we can learn and apply and move and correct as a relatively swift and easy process as a result of the momentum of continuous willing movement without fear of consequence.....Or we can learn through a more difficult process of the momentum of resistance towards continuous willing movement without fear of consequence.

Either Way, Process Life Support is Here.

We decide How We Make it Here.

Our Ability to Make it Here as Living the Best Life Here is within and as Our Ability to take Self-Responsibility for our Mistakes Here....The power to Create for Real as Most Excellent Triumphant Awesomeness Comes from within and as Our Ability to Self-Forgive and Self-Correct Our Own Self-Destruction.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for negating my ability as my self-responsibility to practically live a Most Excellent and Triumphantly Awesome Life in and as Every Moment Here.

I see/realize/understand the absurd ridiculousness of negating the decision to stand as the Epitome of and as Life Responsibility.

I commit myself to physically moving/exercising myself here as the decision to stand as the Epitome of and as Life Responsibility.

I commit myself as the stance and balance of Equality and Oneness Here as the power to create for real as Most Excellent Triumphant Awesomeness.

I commit myself to the Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Applications required in practically Living/Making Myself as the Manifestation of Heaven on Earth

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