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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Day 785 - How Do I Live Play?

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Play - Let's start with a basic definition:

"Activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation"

Lets Play with a few more basic definitions and questions to bring forth insight to our creation potential that is existent within enjoyment and recreation.  But first - Notice, how 'recreation' sounds and spells like "re-creation"....a sort of re-play....our creation....our play.  Isn't that Interesting! Interesting in the sense that we are the starting point of creation here....and our capacity to play, is a result in and as our potential to create.....because the best playing...the best work is in harmony together.....because it's the sort of ying and yang balance happening here. Don't think about what I am saying here...just keep reading....

Is it possible to enjoy work?

What is a basic definition of "work"?
"physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result/purpose"

Is it possible to Enjoy whatever you make the decision to participate within?
Of course it is!
It's our decision!
If We are not enjoying our-self within what we are participating within, we are doing it wrong and need to adjust our attitude/outlook, because it is a decision and a direction we give ourself.
(my realizations)

What is Enjoyment?
"the process of taking pleasure in something"

"because enjoyment is in relation to is always shared.  Obviously you can share with yourself!" (my realization)

What is Activity?
"the condition in which things are happening or being done"

"It's basically impossible for nothing to be happening within Life itself....because the simple fact that We are here, Means; We are always engaged within various activities.  Granted, it is possible to experience a sense of, 'nothing is happening' based on having an idea of purpose/direction and not engaging within it.  This is a self-honesty question at an individual level.  Because all Life in and as the very design is physically engaged....physically manifested here as structural sound." (my realization)

What does it mean to be engaged....besides planning to be married?
"busy; occupied"

But what about being serious and there room for Play to exist here too?

"Of course there is! Even in the most serious of situations within yourself...the is to your best benefit of yourself and all Life to be at know to enjoy yourself within the process of the work and or stress you are experiencing.  Whoa...i jumped to work and stress as like being common points of seriousness and discipline, and yes this is true....these words are often synonymous with these things...and when directed accordingly, can in fact be quite cool.  But how? By accepting and allowing our-self to enjoy the work/stress we are experiencing....and allow our-self the freedom to enjoy the structure we give to our life by being serious and disciplined. Dare I say, Play with it!

Have You ever noticed how our relationships with words has an effect and influence on our ability and capacity to move/participate/play/engage/enjoy ourselves here?

"Yes, we either create an awesome platform of support...a jungle gym of awesomeness to play and move around freely or we don't - meaning, we don't create a sound platform playground to enhance our ability to derive pleasure from our moment to moment management.  I mean the 2nd option is kind of a bizarre consequence we create for ourselves as a result of reasoning and justifying why we should experience a lesser version of ourselves and need to suffer within our physical an inferiority complex of sorts."

Life is Here. Life is always happening.  When One says nothing is happening, it means: to be separated from all Life that is always happening here.  Obviously there is degrees of separation here....where we fragment our tune/alignment with life happening here.  When we specifically say, 'it is not happening here....We are in fact accepting and allowing our-self to not realize and understand our-self as it.  This results from fear. Because, the reality may not be fact, it may very well be disgusting and shameful. Shameful is a key in seeing for real...because when we realize the shame of our acceptances and allowances that are less than our best....we can adjust accordingly and realign/realize our-self here as Life always happening.  Let us commit to the best life happenings.

I like to take a moment and have a laugh when I realize what I was doing is ridiculous and out of alignment and tune with the best version of myself.  I regard myself here as Destonian, playing with the redefinition of myself here. Creating harmony always. A work and play indeed. That way it is always good....because it is the process of investigating all things and keeping what is good. Sometimes i fuck shit up and don't realize the goodness of something....and then i separate myself as the point because i don't understand....but then, ....i realize the point, because i have made the decision and the commitment to always like the process of self-investigation here. I mean, life is always happening here and i choose to be in tune.  #the-art-of-fine-tuning 


  1. Great blog! Very specific and precise. I will take this attitude to work (play) with me!