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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Day 765 - Word Movement Expression


Have you ever considered that our words are correlated with our actions?

That, Our actions are a result and reflection of our Words?

Or quite contrary,  that there seems to be a real disconnect between our words and actions?

What I find to be quite interesting is the Questions we are willing and not so willing to ask ourselves in relationship to the Words, which present and mean specifically so much to each of us as individual personalities as how we are existing here on a day to day basis.

Word exploration is perhaps the most fascinating area of Research on Planet Earth. What is so remarkably interesting about this, Is that each person...Investigator if You will, Is the starting point.....the Focal point of the Investigation.  What about the word itself....or what the word presents?  The Awesomeness of this question and answer is that it exists here both internally and externally.  Our ability to see/realize the truth of ourselves here stems, and branches out from the ownership of self-responsibility here....the taking of initiative to actually focus and be specific with the questions we ask ourselves/each-other here.  I find it most difficult to actually See into a point that is not clear...If I am in a's like where there is too much of a rush, the focus is distorted and perception is tainted...and skewed as a result of not slowing down enough to take the time to identify points of movement as words that require further analysis.

Word Exploration encompasses/embodies Everything/Everyone Here! Think About it!

What I find ironically comical about this process of Word(s) Investigation is that there can be MASSIVE amounts of Word Defenses that take place as Our very own Word Reactors within ourselves, that perpetuate and stimulate a sort of emotional and feeling instability...a real restlessness that often gives the tainted perception/belief that is good/ a sort of being at peace with the war that exists within ourselves...yet we are not aware that we are the Highest Authority and Governing Body which is Orchestrating the very War that exists inside of ourselves...yet it is usually generally only regarded as "Out there" and separate from ourselves...and so the running dialogue within our minds is a sort of Justified, War Games Exercise as a self-defined Necessary Evil to Fight for Peace and an Unwillingness to Negotiate with Terrorism.

See:  the very "Terrorism" is our individualized, self-personified, Characterizations of our Words.  And the Tragic Comedy that Unwillingness to Communicate (negotiate if you will) with Terrorism...when the Elephant in the room if we dare look, is a result of Seeing in The Mirror...and Realizing that which we see isn't some grand illusion, magic act or terrorist trickery attack (well maybe a bit of self-trickery through denial, delusion, manipulation....etc...etc).....WHAT WE SEE, is What is Real Here...You Know, the Shit...the Stuff that so often, we believe to be "out there" separate from ourselves.

Fascinatingly enough, When we Care or Dare or the act of Questioning the specifics of our Word and World relationships, there is a profound self-enjoyment Here, a real self-intimacy, a level of self-regard that is too often dismissed as a result of being in our very own War Games exercise of dissing and missing out on the truth of our shared Life together Here.  It's funny in the tragic sense because when we take the time to use our common sense here, we get the Joke....the ridiculousness if you will...and we are the source of it....our accepted and allowed behaviors....our mistakes...misdirections....errors.  Now what is so ironically comical about this, is the lengths we are willing to go to to prevent the funny from coming like not wanting to appear weak/vulnerable/childish/silly/mistaken/fearful.....yet these very points are harbored as the fighting points we must be in offense/defense relationships with.  It's like laboring a self-reflective laugh and insight of a real substantial magnitude is so often dismissed out of fear of ridicule...which is ironically ridiculous, Isn't it?  I mean if you see and realize your own self-accepted ridiculousness and you fear having a laugh at the self-realization Here...I mean this is just crazy to have a very funny joke and to hoard it from know to really hide resist sharing actually make a point to Deny the Funny Here.....I mean like, what the fuck?   This is the self-governed military way of each of our individualized mind/body and Being word and world relationships to one extent or another...Until we dare and care to take responsibility for all of the faults here.

Self-Education, Self-Reflection, Self-Empowerment exists within and as Self-Responsibility.

What does Self-Responsibility mean currently within yourself?

What is your relationship to the words, "Self-Responsibility"?

Is there room for expansion within your current relationship definition and living of "Self-Responsibility"?

Have you ever considered your self-responsibility to Laugh at your own ridiculousness...and to actually for a moment, deliberately make an ass out of yourself for others to laugh like the follow up education process of sharing a moment of know, showcasing the ownership and authority for the bullshit...and to from here...actually share the bullshit purification process as to revealing the best way to go about that particular point.  This is, after all, the age of Revelations....the information age where all is revealed in one way or another.  Ironically, we get to shape our information when we take ownership and authority...self-accountability and self-responsibility for ourselves here. Funny, because we get what we are willing to give and it starts from sharing what we Got to Give.  Go Figure, lol. !??!

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