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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Day 751 - Word Consumption

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We live in the Information Age....Information is at our finger tips. More then ever before, arguably, access to information exists.

At the same time, there is so much information everywhere...all over...good information, bad information...misleading information, disinformation, hidden information, classified information, secret information, sensitive information, personal information, public information.....etc, etc...

Let's have a self-reflection here, and reflect the starting point relationship of In Form a connection to our cells here as the make of ourselves here is a universe of individual cellular activity...existing as a sort of complex conglomerate network that defines the overall formation of Our Body Here.

Pardon me, if my generalization and some what vagueness used to paint the picture here doesn't resonate well with you.  Perhaps it has to do with how I specifically "worded" something Here?

There is much discussion these days about diet, you know, like what we eat....what's good and what's bad and our overall rates of consumption.

I find it very fascinating that there is not a lot of discussion within popular culture about the diet of our education...or more specifically, Our Information Diet...and specifically the ways in which we process and store information within ourselves and our cells.

What I find most fascinating is the History of substantiation of Information beliefs that become facts through a sort of authoritative science fiction regulatory body.  Ironically enough, the starting point of this Science Fiction Regulatory Body is in Fact Ourselves....Our Cells.  The point is often seen from a point of dissonance within the eyes of blame where it's the "Government Body" out there away from our cells and the "Evil Corporations" and the "Secret Cabal" that are Responsible for the status of Our Cells Here.  This is somewhat Ironic, Isn't it?

Ironic I say?

Blame is Being Be Lame is like it's a sort of "giving up and death like experience".  Because if You Look at Blame...and observe your participation within and as a point of Blame you will see that there was an abdication of Self-Here....where there is a consent that is given outside of like you existing outside of your body and not also within the like to be an empty vessel of sorts. This is so, because there is a disconnect in relationship between yourself and another cell/self as a point of networking connection.

It is rather fascinating and most intriguing to examine the extent of One's self-created relationships here.  What do I mean by this? Many things. Everything really. OK, to be more specific and simple, take for example your 'personal relationships' and how they exist. Write about them. Look at the words you use to define and describe them. Notice the particulars of the various relationships.  Chances are there is varying degrees of Like and Dislike and perhaps even some particular positive feelings or negative emotions about such person's.

Have you ever stopped to consider that the entire makeup of the World is a Self-Reflection of Our Science fiction Regulatory Body. OK, pardon me, I really wanted to say "Science Fiction Regulatory Body" was a fun and funny moment to do so. Moving on, more specifically; Have you ever stopped to consider that the entire makeup of the World is a Self-Reflection of Our Cells Here? A self-reflection of Ourselves Here? Always in All Ways?

?To Be Continued!

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